March 19, 2011

Tufted Titmouse

It's nice to see the birds at the birdbath again after the winter although the only water in it is from the rain.
Had a hard time with the theme (darks & lights) for this week for project 57 so I'm just posting this snap that I took Thursday out the back door.
It wasn't much of an image so I added a few textures to it. A couple from Coffee House and one from Isabelle Lafrance. I think they help.

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  1. hummm....not sure about this one. I like the composition and the bird and birdhouse but not real excited about the texture...makes it look too blurry or grainy for my taste. Can I see the image out of camera?

    You are doing much better at practicing with your camera then I am. Just can't get enthused to take it out. Maybe Spring will bring back some enthusiasm.

  2. Told you it wasn't much of an image just the only one I didn't delete. The textures didn't do it that's just the way it was. The bird and birdbath didn't look blurry to me but maybe it was but the way our grass looks right now made it show up more in that area. I do have a lot of trouble with camera shake...I still punch instead of squeeze.

  3. I ran across the blog link in an old email and thought I would stop by to say hello. I might have overstayed my welcome as I went almost all the way back in the archives. Loving the photos and feel like I have just spent an hour or so chatting with old friends. Glad to see you both are doing great and I love your blog. I made a promise to myself this week to touch base with friends that I have neglected to keep up with. I will return...Brenda P. in Texas

  4. Good to 'see' you Brenda! Yes, we have kind of lost track of a lot of the gals from the old list. I'm glad that Nita and I have stayed in touch and this blog has helped a bunch. I am going to Virginia in May and hope to be able to meet Nita for lunch or just a chat while I'm there. Glad you enjoyed your stay...come back any time!

  5. Good to hear from you Brenda and you are always welcome. Come and stay as long as you want.
    Hope you and yours are all doing great.
    Mary and I have slowed down on posting a lot but it's still fun.
    I miss the old list.

  6. Mary I have not been real good at keeping in touch either, but when I posted Happy Birthday to Nina's wall on Facebook and then realized that she was no longer with us, it made me realize that I need to do better at it.
    Nita I miss the list also. But would not be able to keep up with it the way we use to so better for me to not try. lol
    I am just now starting to feel like I have a little time but still not enough to get myself tied to a schedule. Larry is much more self sufficient than he was but still requires more of my time than before he had the stroke. He is walking without assistance but still has very little use in his arm and hand. He is learning to adapt to it and has started learning how to do things for himself instead of depending on me 100%. It has been a long rough road but we are getting better at our new way of life. lol
    Life in general is good although I am dealing with a severe allergy problem from the high pollen we have here, never had it this bad before and really want it to just go away! lol Some rain would be nice. Brenda

  7. Brenda, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the list anymore either and I think my creative juices have dried up. I notice that I have been doing everything a little slower in the last couple of years.

    Glad to hear Larry is doing better! I'm sure he's glad he has you to lean on.

    I'll send you some of our rain....We had floods all around the area last week and I'm setting here with the window open listening to the thunder before the storm right now. We always have more than our share of rain this time of year.

  8. Keep up with the list? You jest! LOL....I wouldn't even begin to try anymore. I had about quit long before the rest of them had. I do still make my cards and stuff for Gavin's birthday parties and his parties at school but haven't made a bag or box in quite some time. I don't do as much computer printed cards...moved more to hybrid...just never really liked the 'cute' cards, prefer the more sophisticated look.

    I didn't realize that Nina was gone. I wonder what happen to her, she wasn't that old, was she? Is anyone else gone besides Lucille and Connie?

    We haven't got that much rain but expecting snow this weekend. We started the week out with 70's and ending it below freezing...only in Missouri!

  9. Yes I hear you on the computer making stuff. It has been so long since I did anything other than print photos that I am completely out of practice. I foolishly asked for a digital cutter for my birthday and have not did one thing with it yet. First time I have ever gotten a new toy that I lost interest in between the time of ordering and getting it. lol
    IDK what happened, was told that she had been having stomach pain since Christmas. I am not real sure what date she passed on but think it was about March 17th. I would not know about it at all except for the fact that she was a "friend" on my Facebook and I posted HB to her before I saw the message from her GD. I felt awkward as heck. I am assuming that everyone else is still around, Lorna answered my email and would have mentioned it if not.
    I have seen y'alls weather this year almost weekly on the news or the net, in fact my cutter took forever to get to me because the company is based in Missouri and they could not even open up and even if they could have there were no delivery trucks running. The weather was terrible in most places this winter, glad we did not have it to bad.

  10. It's not only in Missouri....The high for yesterday was 74º (windows open) it's 34º right now and going down into the 20º tonight (windows closed fire in the stove). We had a terrible storm last night with high winds and hail.
    Have to love this time of year.



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