May 26, 2011

Double Hibiscus

I have a terrible cold and feel really bad. Yesterday wasn't to bad but I think I over did it and paying for it today. Just going to take it easy and snap a few shots.

Bought this double Hibiscus at Lowe's and love it. It's beautiful. I need to do some reading on care so I don't kill it.
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  1. Since my finger has healed and I can type again, I need to comment more on this beautiful image. I love hibiscus and have a couple plants but no blooms on them yet. Both of them were new last year and have just basically started up from the ground. One, a lady on my route, bought for me and the other one was given to me out of a ladies garden that I delivered to. If I remember correctly, one is pink and the other is a salmon color but I've slept a bit since they bloomed last, so they could be blue and yellow...LOL

    I planted another Knock Out rose by the fence. This one is a pretty pale pink color. I want to put lots of roses on the section of fence that gets a lot of sun but waited to late to start looking for them and they have all sold out. Next year!

    This is a beautiful image...the clarity is superb!



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