June 10, 2011

I am SO Sorry!

I can't believe how long its been since I've even had my camera out of its bag.  My life has always been busy but lately, its turned into a wild zoo.  Gavin has had ballgames 2 and 3 nights a week, work has turned into a nightmare and life, in general. is extremely exhausting! I'm mowing grass twice a week and watering of the flowers has started.

This morning is the first morning I've had to just sit and read mail or browse the web.  My computer even thinks I've disowned it.  We have had some obsessive heat for the past few days but it finally broke yesterday and was pretty pleasant until last night and we had some huge storms.  A couple tornado's were reported a bit south of town and we had baseball size hail in a lot of towns around us but we came through unscathed. I had left work to drive 30 miles north to watch another ball game but turned around and headed for home when they came over the news with the severe thunderstorm warnings.  I drove through torrential rain all the way home but never saw any of the big hail.  The water was over the road in several areas.  We ended up with almost 4 inches of rain and have a few limbs down outside. I am glad the temps have come back down.  It's suppose to be pleasant today. 

My nephew is getting married tomorrow afternoon and its an outside services.  They were calling for rain but as of this morning, they have taken the rain out of the forecast and the temps are suppose to be in the upper 70's so it should be a perfect day for the ceremony. 

I hope to get some shots taken soon....will try and get some posted.

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  1. Don't worry about it I know life is busy and it's hard to find time for the small stuff.

    Hope Gavin is winning his games. It's always fun to watch the young ones play.

    The weather around here has been about like yours except for the tornado's.

    I've had one image in mind to try and I finally got the props I wanted now to fine time for the shoot. Maybe later today.

  2. I'm not sure what's wrong with this dang blogger
    I had to sing in 4 times before my comment was posted.
    That's what happened the last time I tried to answer your comment....around and around in circle until I finally gave up.

  3. I couldn't sleep, so am up early trying to find an online source for unprocessed wheat bran. Had a colonoscopy and the doctor told me to start eating it. Our stores don't carry it around here so am looking online.
    We are going down early for the wedding today. My niece in law is taking the pictures but wants me there to assist her and take back up images. I should probably be looking my camera over, its been so long since I used it, I've probably forgot how to turn it on...LOL
    I have trouble with the comments if I forget to notice that I've not signed in. Then, I have to press the post comment field button twice.
    I've had quite a few images in my head for shots, just no time to take them out of my head and share....LOL...



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