June 23, 2011

Black & White

Just a shot I took early morning before work.  I found this unusual fern at a greenhouse in the KC area.  I didn't save the tag so can't tell you the name of it.  It almost looks artificial and even feels a bit like plastic too...LOL...but its not, it really has roots and needs water! 

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  1. Just the right touch.
    Do you dust this everyday?????? Can't see a speck fo dust.
    I've had Jessi visiting all week taking her home today.

  2. Well shoot! Typed a comment and it didn't post. So...typing again.

    LOL....was pretty dusty just before I took this shot but I hosed it off. It doesn't get real dusty cause it sits back in the corner of the porch and we have a concrete/blacktop drive.



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