June 11, 2011

Cookie Splash

I have been looking for a great looking coffee mug to do the cookie splash with. Finally found one the other day so Brent and I went out in the back yard last evening and made a mess. He dropped a lemon while I did the snapping. I get so into taking the picture that I always forget something...this time it was composition wish it all had been moved over more to the right but that's the way it goes.

This is one of the practice shots with water and I loved the heart shape in the middle of the splash also like the water color better than the coffee with the dark background.

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  1. I love them both! I think they are so real to life and like you I think the water shot is my favorite. Great job.... Brenda

  2. Wow now it lets me post without making me do the word search thing. lol I feel special.

  3. Wow! Cool image, Nita. Love how you and Brent accomplished this. I agree...I prefer the one with just the water. Love that mug!

  4. I have been trying to post a comment for days now and after 10 or more attempts I just give up.

    Thanks Brenda & Mary glad you like my shot. It was a fun one to get.

    The mug is from Pier 1.



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