June 18, 2011

Break Time.......

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  1. Love, love,love this! Like how you made it look vintage. I've been running an image around in my head but haven't got it in the camera yet. I take shots and then delete them. I feel like I'm going backwards instead of forward with my camera knowledge.

    Maybe tomorrow I can get something I like.

    I went to the Amish greenhouse this morning to pick up some filler plants for a few of my beds. Picked up a flat of Impatients and planted them around a tree in the back yard. I used to have hosta around this tree but during our 5 year drought, they died off one by one. This is the first time I've planted anything around it and hope they survive. I was just wanting some splash of color in the back yard and they were on sale for $10 a flat.
    Also bought 3 more Double Knock Out red roses and planted them down the privacy fence. My thoughts are to plant 3 or 4 a year till I get the fence done. I've only got about half the fence that has full sun so will be putting other shade plants on the other half.
    Love the image, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks....Glad you like I always second guess myself when I try something different and think it looks bad. But I do like this look.

    Get your camera out.....I delete a lot of shots too.



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