July 19, 2012

In the kitchen with my son

I told Neal the other day that I had never made salsa so today he came down and we made salsa together. Well, he made most of it and I just ate and snapped some pictures. This stuff is so good I could eat it with a spoon. This just has tomatoes,onions, peppers,cilantro in it with salt, pepper, sugar to taste.

It was fun being in the kitchen with Neal, I think he loves to cook.                          
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  1. I think that has 'fond memory' written all over it! I'm sure you both had a fabulous time being together doing something you both love.
    Jerri Ann makes Salsa and cans it and my neighbor grows a garden "just" for the salsa ingredients but she doesn't can any of hers...just makes it to eat during the summer. I'm not sure there will be much crop to make salsa with....still no rain. We are in the worse drought of the century. So far, since May 1st. we have only got a little less than 5 inches of rain. I water and water and water some more....will have a heart attack when I open my water bill.
    Neat shot!

  2. We haven't had much rain here either until the last few days. Had a good one on Friday and thing look some better.



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