July 30, 2012

One of my favorite summer dishes

This is one of my favorite things to take to a covered dish affair in the summer. I always have to take a few copies of the recipe. If you like squash you must give this a try.
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  1. Nice shot and looks great...I've made this twice already and just brought home some more summer squash from Jerri Ann's today...my recipe is almost like this. Just took the grands all home today...I'm bushed!

  2. Thanks.
    We were going to a sorority cook out and this was my covered dish.
    Took it out of the oven snap a shot and then took off done the road.

    Having the Grands can take it out of you.

  3. Not only do they take it our of ME, they take a lot out of my pocket book too....LOL....I need to take out a loan to pay for all the stuff we did. But, we had a BLAST! Kids were great and we all cried when it came time to say good-bye.



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