August 7, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace 2012

I've had this image taken since before the 4th and just now got around to posting it.  For one, I had to move a ton of picture files to the external so I could have room to upload off my camera.  I had 6 compact flash cards full, waiting for space to upload. I still need to do some massive organizing but I did get most of them moved. It took over 36 hours to move them wirelessly...LOL...

It seems like this is the only flower blooming in this desert that we are now residing in.  Still no rain and temps at or in the 100's.  We are beyond burned up!  If this doesn't break, most of the cattle will be sold because of no water left in the ponds.  The corn is already being cut for silage or just mowed down.  The beans are iffy right now....if we get rain and have a late frost, they might produce.  Most of the farmers have their fingers crossed for the bean crop.  Those farmers that have stored corn are going to come out smelling like a rose but those smaller farmers won't be as lucky.  Our friends son doesn't have stored corn but he does carry insurance and that will help them out.

Don't laugh...its been so long since I posted that I had to read the instructions first!

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  1. Just got back in town from a a quick trip to St. Micheal's Maryland.

    Nice image....I love Queen Ann's Lace always looks so pretty.

    We had rain a couple of times before we left last week and everything is starting to look green again. Of course all the flowers are almost gone now. We drove through several rain storms coming home today.

    Glad to see you are able to post again.

  2. I figured you were gone somewhere....hope you had a fun time. We haven't been anywhere but to Iowa to pick up the kids. Mom is harping at me to come back down there but I have to watered too much to leave now while it is hot and dry.

    I've been picking Queeen Anne's Lace every other day when I walk. It's the only flower I can keep alive in the wall vase that Kristen made me. Everything else cooks in the small bottle!

    I'd give anything to see green again without the sprinkler running on it!



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