August 9, 2012

Rain....too little, too late..but

This looked great when it started....looked like it might be set in for a long while but wasn't to be.  We got a whole sum of .2 and we are celebrating getting that!  I went to Macon with Jerri Ann to the doctor around noon yesterday and we drove in pouring down rain from Chillicothe to Macon, over an hour of driving.  We got back home to an empty rain gauge.  I'm thinking I can get by with an inch rain gauge use having a 5 or 6 inch gauge.  That green grass you can see peeking through the rails?  It's cost me a fortune to keep this year.  The sprinklers run every night for 4 hours and its still not lush green but at least its not as brown as the side or back yard.  We have another 30% chance for rain on Sunday but I'm not holding my breath.  At least its a bunch cooler for the next day or two.  Only 84 today and 82 tomorrow with a morning low of 58.  Makes my morning walk so much more pleasant!
We wouldn't be in such dire conditions if we hadn't been super dry last summer, fall and winter and then we only got a few inches in the Spring.  Not nearly enough to build our reserve back up.  Oh, well, I'm sure it will start raining one of these days and probably not shut off.

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  1. Your porch looks so comfy.
    We had .44 rain last evening and it's real overcast today.

  2. Oh, yes, it is SO comfy and cozy. Bill and I spend every Sat. and Sun. morning out there drinking our morning cup of Joe. He's out there now...I'm suppose to be working on a birthday card for Jerri Ann.



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