August 28, 2012

A Study in Green

Love this color.... I really think green is my favorite color in any shade.  This was part of the bouquet that Amanda got during her dance recital.  She did a wonderful job of dancing...she is quite a natural.

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  1. nice capture.
    What kind of dancing does she do?

  2. Thank you....lets see....she does jazz, ballet, hip hop and one other one that I can not think of. She's been dancing since she was 2 and loves it but she is so shy that she won't go out for any of the lead parts, even through she dances better than half the lead dancers there. When she started dancing with this dance class, there were only about a 1/3 of the dancers that they have now. I'll post a picture of the whole dance group won't be a great shot, it was too dark, I was too far away and I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures...LOL....but I did sneak in a few.



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