August 9, 2012

Sliding Candy Box

I made this back in June for the gal that does my nails.  I had a awful time figuring out the sliding mechanism but it finally worked out as long as you held your breath right when opening it...LOL....I used this tutorial to make the box...slider box  and here is the You tube video for it
Once its completely assembled you slide the drawer out and the message comes out the other side at the same time.   She loved it!  Something decorative but not too costly for gift giving.  I just filled the drawer with Hershey's nuggets. 

I found that the plastic bags are too easy to stretch and got it to work much better with waxed paper but I was completely out of my awesome Scor Tape and didn't have anything that would stick good to the wax paper.   Thus, I had to use the plastic bag and it didn't open as easily with it.

All the paper is some from my stash...cut mostly on my Cricut with Sure Cuts a Lot.

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  1. So cute.....I bet she loved it.
    Haven't watched the video yet but I will.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I think I'll work up another one of these for Jerri Ann's birthday...I've got Scor tape now so will be using the wax paper instead of the plastic bag. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of balloons and a cake and taking it up to her at her work place on Monday.

    You are welcome!



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