August 15, 2012

My daughter is 40!

Where did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday that I watched her take her first step.  Then she was driving my car.  Before I knew it she was graduating from high school.  Now, look at her!  She is making me old!!!  Before I turned 21, I didn't think the years would ever go by and now I can't get them to slow down.  I've been retired for 7 months now but it only seems like a few weeks.  I'm not complaining, just wishing my life would slow down just a bit.  I think I know now why folks say you are busier in retirement than you were when you worked...its not busier, its just that the day is gone before you can blink your eyes.  Anyway, enough is the birthday card I made her.

Everything was just odds and ends that I had in my stash.  The circles at the bottom were from this lovely book of paper that I got with my Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine.  I think I've told you that its my favorite magazine and it comes from the UK.  I get it once a month and every time it comes with a little something in the package.  I've got quite a few stamps, some glue pens, some water colors and this past month, we got this lovely book of paper by Raspberry Road Designs.  It has 48 different papers in it that I like and will be using quite a bit of it.  Each issue also has a few half sheets inside the magazine too.  
Do you recognize the Happy Birthday banner?  Yep, its the same one I used on other cards.  I printed a whole sheet of them off so I'd have them ready, especially when I've procrastinated too long and need to do the card in a hurry. 
My dictionary and old book pages are pretty fragile so I sprayed them with Triple Thick Gloss Spray to stiffen them up.  I need to look for Matte finish because the gloss makes them a bit too shiny for my taste. 

Next up is the Sliding Message box that I made before.  This was a real pain!  I didn't get it done in time to take to her for her birthday dinner but told her I was making it and she would get it a bit late.  (Since she never remembers my birthday,  she couldn't exactly complain...LOL).  I would have had it done but I had computer issues on Sunday and worked on it till almost 10pm on Sunday night.  I still don't have it fixed right but it works for now.  I was back up at 3am working on the computer again, just to get my internet back.  I had to go online to get the instructions for the box. I now have the instructions printed out...LOL

This uses some more paper from the Raspberry Road paper book and all the cardstock is from PaperTrey Inc.  The butterfly is by K&Company. I used an earring for the knob on this has a big, flat back so I was able to hot glue it to the box and it makes it much studier when pulling on it. I'm still having trouble with the opening of the box...I think I wrap my outer wrap too tight.  I'm going to be making another one in the next day or two and hopefully, it works better.  It's not that this one doesn't work, but you have to be careful when pulling it open or it will break the plastic slide. Sorry...I'm rambling again!  And yes, the butterfly does match the ribbon but for some reason, I can not take a picture and have it in true colors. 

and the inside....

Have a great day!

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  1. The box and card are as cute as can be. You do such nice work. A lot more special than a one you grab at the store.

  2. Thank you for the very kind words! I love doing it but wish I wouldn't procrastinate to the last minute. I guess after 59 years, I probably won't be changing...LOL....
    I went to the beauty shop today and Becky (the gal that I made the first sliding box for) told me that the box and the card I made her are sitting on her dresser.

  3. Hello girls...........Just hopped over to see what y'all were up to these days. Same ole same ole for me.... I love the slider box Mary, watched the video and I may actually make one of them one of these days. But I do not get around to doing to many creations these days, really can not get interested in it anymore. Every now and then I make something for the Grans but other than that nada. Love seeing all the pics and reading the comments.

  4. Hi,Brenda....I still enjoy creating...I make a lot of my greeting cards but more by way of hybrid than computer now. Even when I was doing the computer cards, I wanted to add embellishments. Gives my hands something to do besides just clean or surf. Good to hear from you.



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