August 22, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

I sure do wish that were true...LOL....but, alas, we still have not seen any moisture coming from the sky.  I don't know how or why my flowers are doing as good as they are but they all still look good.  They've survived on chlorine water since I put them in the pots.  I've been busy this week doing some belated Spring cleaning.  Since I spent so much time at mom's this past Spring and cleaned so much at her house, I've just not felt like cleaning my own.  But, I finally got started this week.  It will take me all week cause I just get one room done a day.  So far, I've got the craft/laundry room and living room done.  Plan on working on the bedrooms tomorrow. 
Anyway, why cleaning and organizing the craft room, I came across this saying and decided it was time to put it up.  I purchased it when I remodeled the craft room but never got around to putting it up. 
This image makes it look like I put it up crooked but trust me, its straight.  I had to step outside to get a shot of it and with my wide angle lens and side view, it makes the lines look crooked.  This purchase was made long before I purchased a cutting machine.  I gave way too much for it but love it on the wall.  I could have made it a whole lot cheaper...LOL...

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