August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

I'm going to be posting quite a few images today, so be sure and scroll down...I'm on a row for some reason!

I was heading out for my walk this morning and noticed the moon and remembered that the weather man said it was a Blue Moon and we wouldn't see it again until 2015, so I headed back in the house for my camera.  I never realized how fast the moon goes down until I was trying to 'catch' it...LOL...I was walking as fast as my legs would move to see if I could capture it without all the poles and wires in the image but it was sinking way too fast and this was my best shot of all of them.  As you can see, the poles and wires are all still there.  I thought if I could get down to the railroad tracks, I could catch it without any man made junk, should have jumped in the car instead...

A Blue Moon is not Blue...its only called a Blue Moon because it only happens once in a while...thus the phrase, 'Once in a Blue Moon".  It happens when we have two full moons in one month.  Our first full moon was on August 1 and the second was today..August 31st...which just happens to be my 33rd wedding anniversary...guess its a Blue Moon just for Bill and I.

This first image is NOT mine but an awesome capture I found when researching the Blue Moon.  The photographer was Sid Vedula and he took it in Texas on August 1, 2012. 

This is my image...not nearly as dramatic!  I'm right sure no one will be posting and talking about my take on the Blue Moon!  LOL

Now, since I had my trusty camera with me on my walk, I also captured something else that you don't see on an every day occurrence.  This next couple of images are shots of Hurricane Isaac as it breaches our southern skies.  We are suppose to see some of the rain from him by early afternoon but not the deluge of rain that Arkansas and Louisiana received. Worse case scenario, we will get a couple inches....and at a time when we would have welcomed a lot more.  Oh, well, (sigh) we will take what we can get.  I had my wide angle lens but needed a whole lot wider.  I would have loved to have captured the whole view of this encroaching storm.  Just like the weather services were showing the circular shape of the Hurricane, the cloud bank was circular too. The storm is no longer classified as a Hurricane, its not even a Tropical Storm anymore.  It's been downgraded to a Tropical depression, so we will not get the winds out of it. That is a good thing!  I find it intriguing that a Hurricane almost 1000 miles away, can still have some punch left once it comes that far inland. How tiny we are in this vast universe! I feel a great deal of sympathy for those folks in New Orleans....I'm afraid this would have been the last straw for me...I'd be packing up and moving OUT of the flood plain. 

The right side and then the left side...just make believe that they are connected in the middle...LOL.  It really was an awesome sight and I was glad I was out there to see it coming in.  It's completely cloudy now...

And now, since this is my anniversary, its only fitting that I share the card I made for that guy that still makes my heart beat faster.  I used Black and White to keep it toned down for a guy but it still came out a bit too 'pretty'.  He thought it was awesome, of course.  

Paper is from heart is a cut from my Silhouette...(yep, I finally got it out of the box!), the twine is from Wally World, font is Mr. Sheffield (love it) and the sheet music is from the Graphic Fairy.  I used a border punch on it and backed it with red card stock. 

That's all for today...will post some more images this weekend, if I have time!  Bill is on call and if we get rain, he'll have to work...ugh!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I didn't remember but I wouldn't have made you a hand made card.....LOL
    I can't get into it.

    Your images are all awesome Love those clouds. Brent said an hour or so ago that you should be getting some rain. I thought the blue moon was tonight.

    Made a trip to the Ohio Amish country with my sister today.

  2. Thanks! We didn't do much...went out for supper and was in bed by 9:30...guess we are officially getting old.

    I guess I have to craft some how and cards seem to be something I can do and every one appreciates.

    We didn't get an inch out of the storm but were thankful for what we got. The grass is greening up a little bit but I have whole sections of yard that have no green at all...I hope its not dead. I get so tired of re-seeding.



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