November 8, 2012

The Rest of the Halloween Stuff

This is it....I don't want to do anymore Halloween stuff this year. It is time to move on to the next holiday! I made these up for 3 adorable little kids! My best friend, whom I lost to cancer over 15 years ago, never got to meet these little fact, she never met any of her grandchildren or her new daughter-in-law or son-in-law. But we do a good job of spoiling them for her...LOL... These were nothing special..I just bought the cut file from the Silhouette Store and basically followed the same design as this lady did...Laurie Schmidlin

The first one is for little Breyden.   He is the oldest of the three. As you can see, its almost exactly like Laurie's. I used some black striped paper from Echo Park and the black is American really cuts lovely in the Silhouette.  The Spooky stickers are from a paper pack I bought at the convention called This & That by Lori Whitlock.  Lori also makes really great cut files too. In fact, she made the pumpkin bag below and it went together perfectly.  The ribbon and squiggly eyes are from my stash.

Next up is Chloe....isn't that a pretty name?  She looks so much like her grandma....I did this as a print and cut...I imported my paper from Echo Park again and then opened the cut file and did a fill with pattern...boy do I LOVE this feature, saves a ton of ink!  Filled, printed and then ran it through the Silhouette and it cut it perfectly on the lines, plus gave me great score lines.  Course, this is where I separate the score lines from the cut lines so that I can 'cut' it twice...once with the blade deeper for the cut lines and again with the blade shallower for the score lines.  The spider is some I had left from the other Halloween stuff, the BOO stickers are from the same This & That kit and I made my tag with a Spellbinders die cut using paper from KCompany.  The ribbon was some I salvaged from a gift package I'd received.  Or, BTW...forgot to say, I made all these files as big as I could on the 12 x 12 mat, so they hold a fair amount of candy.  Not so much that mom gets upset but enough to please the little ones. When I first cut out the bat, I just used the size as it was and it would have done good to hold 2 candy kisses...LOL  Now it holds a Reeses snack size, a Hershey snack size, a snack size bag of Starburst and some kind of candy that looks like a hamburger. 

and last, but not for Brianna.  I didn't want anything scary or spooky for her so she got this adorable kitty.  This is another cut file that cut perfectly and it is by Samantha Walker.  I cut it out of AC Black, just used some pink color I had in my stash, cut out the eyes, glued them together and then put Crystal Laquer over them to make them shine....can't be cat eyes if they don't shine...the ribbon and buttons were some I picked up from Wally World and the BOO is from the same This & That kit. 

That's all...still don't have the birthday card done.  Hopefully I get it finished tomorrow.  Bill is home for the next two weeks.  Deer Season!  I might have to shoe him out of the house...LOL

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  1. All just adorable....Sure the kids will love them.
    Nice of you to do this for your friends grandchildren. I have almost the same story but it was about 25 years ago.

    It would be nice to have the 12 x 12 mat but I don't.

    Great work!

  2. We seem to have so much in common! I really miss Mary Sue, more and more. She was my golf partner and would call every Saturday morning to see where we were going. We used to golf every Sat. and most Sundays. That was long before I got into computer crafting...I wouldn't have had the time back then. When I phone rings early on Sat. mornings, I still think it could be her! I haven't golf much since....just lost the desire without her.

    I didn't realize you didn't have the 12 x 12 your Silhouette different then mine? I really do like mine but it seems like I really go through the blades. I'm sure its just the way I have them set but at 10.00 a whack, it gets kind of expensive. I've got a place to buy a different holder and blade but not sure I want to attempt that yet. Its not a Silhouette brand but one that supposedly would work in the Cameo.

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. You are not going to believe this but my friends name was Mary too. She lived just down the street from me and we saw each other almost everyday. Still have her quilting books that her husband gave me.

    My mat is 8 x 12 you have the newer one. I did upgrade the software to the designer studio. I haven't used any of it much.



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