January 3, 2013

Thank You Card

Well, it's 2013!  I can not believe I've been retired a full year....time is going by way too fast.  We will be heading to mom and dad's early Saturaday morning to do the last of our Christmas events.  It's suppose to warm up next week, so I hope to get the rest of the Christmas decorations and lights down outside.  I hate pulling in the driveway and seeing those strings of lights hanging down.  It was ok when they lit up every night but I can't handle them when they are shut off.  LOL...yep, I'm no longer in the Christmas Spirit!!!

I made a couple of these cards for thank you's for the kids up north and Jerri Ann and Randy.  Then, I liked the card so well and needed a birthday card quickly, so I just changed the sentiment to Happy Birthday and it went out in the mail with the other two cards.  I only have one card to make in January, so I'm planning on making some cards up this month to have on hand.

Ok...I will see if I can give credits quickly!  LOL....I used this card for my inspiration....Endless ink-abilities
I really loved the circle cuts on the sides....the butterfly was a free download I got from Call Me Victorian
and I clipped it out and loaded it into my Silhouette program to do a print and cut.  I cut it out twice and layered it with pop dots and added black rhinestones to the top layer.  The butterfly had the brown sponging on the edges of the wings but I sponged it with Walnut distress ink to hide the white edge of the cardstock.
The music background comes from Happy Travels by Glitz....I use a lot of this paper so I've loaded it into the pattern section of my Silhouette program.  The brown background paper is from K&Company and the cardstock is Rustic Cream by PaperTreyInk. The brown twine came from Wal-mart and I made the glittered circle by cutting a scalloped circle with the Silhouette and then running it through my adhesive Xyron.  I poured the glittered on the sticky side and burnished it in with my finger.  The font I used is called Champignon.
Remember the time I had making envelopes for the Christmas cards?  Well, this is the Baronial envelope I purchased from the Silhouette store that was WAY too small for my cards.  I liked the looks of it and the addition of the liner so I set about and re-made it so it would fit my 5 x 4.75 cards.  The paper I used was just some cream stock I've had and the liner was printed and cut in the Silhouette using a paper from Happy Travels by Glitz.

Guess that's all!  Hope you like!

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  1. The card is beautiful and very creative. Wish I had the desire to make one but no it hasn't happened yet.
    I still have a couple of pieces still up outside....some pine that is frozen and a wreath.
    Have fun at your Mom & Dad's.

  2. Thank you! I really enjoy making the cards once I've figured out how I want to make it....it's the figuring out that I don't like...

    I've been busy, busy today....had my bread raising for the Golden Crown Coffee cake by 8, my shower taken and a manicure by 9:30...went to the grocery store for those danged things I forgot on Thursday, filled the truck with gas, washed it and vacuumed it out, returned an item to Shopko and went to the post office and was back home by 11:00. Then I finished the coffee cake, stewed two chickens for noodles, peeled 10 pounds of potatoes and made make ahead mashed potatoes, made a loaf of banana bread and your wonderful Pumpkin loaf. In between, I did 4 loads of laundry and packed up our 'camping' gear and clothes. Remember, we go to the campground so we have to take everything we need...bedding, towels, etc.

    I don't know why I went for the manicure because my hands were in dish water all afternoon. Make a dish, wash a ton, make a dish, wash a ton....now I get to fix supper for the gang and clean up after Jerri Ann as she makes the noodles...LOL...I bet I sleep really, really good!

  3. WooooHoooo! Super Woman! Me I just got the second tree down yesterday and still don't have everything put back yet. Have a memorial service I need to go to this afternoon and then not sure for the rest of the day.

    I like some of the simpler cards that you pin there was one the other day that had a dot embossed background and a cupcake that I liked. I also like small stick-in a gift card. I don't know maybe it's just the idea of buying and storing all the supplies that is needed that turns me off. I did pick up a embossing thing on sale one day but haven't used it.
    Didn't remember that you ever camped....It's going to be cold. What do you camp in?
    Haven't had a manicure for a year or so. Just do my own.

  4. LOL.....camp? Me? Ain't no way! I want a bed, shower and heat/AC....we go to the campground for my dad's church....sleep in bunk-beds and shower in the 'together' shower room. But, it has a gym, a dinning hall and full kitchen for us to use for $100 a day...works great for our large family!

    I don't have as much stuff as the gals on the blogs do....I've never purchased a stamp and not too many dies. If I can cut it on the Silhouette and it looks OK without embossing, I do it. Plus, I print a lot of my paper so I don't have stacks and stacks of paper sitting around. I do buy embellishments and ribbons and twines. Plus my markers that I've still not got good at using yet and pop dots and glues and tape but most all my supplies sit right around me at my desk, except my paper that is in a closet. I do buy patterned paper when I can get it half price or less but not much of it but I do buy lots of colored cardstock. I have about half dozen embossing folders cause I can't do that on the computer or the Silhouette. A few scissors and punches that I've had forever back when we did lots of computer crafts. I just like making things and sewing doesn't interest me much and I can't draw or paint or crochet, so I make cards.

    The only reason I do manicures is to keep me from biting my nails. If I didn't go see Becky, I wouldn't have any one chewing me out. LOL

    Super Woman died yesterday.....we made it home around 3:30 and I didn't even unpack a dang thing until this morning....spent the rest of the day and evening on the couch and haven't done much today...just wore me out!

  5. We tent camped all the time when the kids were small......Loved it not sure I could do it now but we had loads of fun. I always hated to carry water.
    I have the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine I need to play around with it and see what it will do. I think I wish I had gotten the Cutter bug.

    You earned a day of rest.

    I have been search for a place for all 9 of us to stay at the beach this summer.



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