December 26, 2012

Subway Art

Forgot to post this!  I made this for Jerri Ann.  We had seen some at a craft show and I told her I thought I could do it myself.  It took me a month to find all the fonts or fonts that matched closely.  I don't care much for the frame but needed something and this was the best I could find around here.  Randy is going to make her a better that looks more rustic and wider. I made a lot for her this Christmas...made this, made a shelf out of the window topper like I made last year for my woman exchange gift and a wall board that holds 2 jars with sphagnum moss and little daises in them.  I didn't get a photo of either of these...but maybe I'll get one when I'm at her house.

This is the last post for today...scroll down....there are two more post!

and, as usual, it looks much better in person than I can capture with my camera!  The background is solid black with a floral texture layer blended on top.  Gives it a much nicer look than plain black does. The only thing I'd like to have done different was printed on matte paper and had non-glare glass in the frame but when you put things off till the last minute, you have to work with what you have!  Especially if you live in the sticks like we do...LOL  I also think it would look nice on canvas...might have to try that if I can find some canvas cheap.

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  1. Looks good. They are fun to play around with.
    I have so many fonts that it's a wonder my machine even runs.
    Nice work.

  2. Same here...I have so many that I don't even get them unzipped. Just download and they sit there till I find a use for them...LOL...I'd hate to think how many fonts I have..some two or three times, I'm sure!




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