December 15, 2012

Santa is better watch out!

LOL....took a minute to take a shot of one of my favorite Santa ornaments. I have a full tree of them but only about a half dozen of them get to be called favorites. This guy happens to be one of them.

Basically, my count down is 8 days till Christmas....we are doing Christmas with Jerri Ann and family on the Sunday before. Am I ready? NO...not even close. But, it will come and go, just like it does every year and I'll complain that I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do or enjoy the holiday as much as I'd like. And, again, I'll swear next year will be different and it never is....go figure! Taking time out today to watch Gavin play basketball. I just might drive around tonight and take in the Christmas lights.

Be sure and click on the image to get the full size view...its much, much better.  I wish they would make the preview images in better quality. 

 Looks like blogger has changed things up again!

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  1. Cute Santa ornament and a great shot.
    We both say the same thing every year and it never happens.
    We had the Lions dinner Thur. night and the Sorority dinner will be here Sunday evening. When that's done I can relax some.

  2. Thanks...need to capture a few more but I came home from the basketball game with the beginnings of a sinus headache. Took a couple NyQuil Sinus pills and I was out....I should have known better cause regular NyQuil will knock me for a loop. I was out at 6:30 and just now woke up.
    They played one really good game but still lost 36 to 32 and then got hammered on the second game. 48 to 22. But they are improving more and more.
    I will relax on Christmas Eve! Mine will be over then except for my family Christmas...Bill's family doesn't get together anymore since Lois is in the nursing home.



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