December 11, 2012

Christmas tray

Photo tray for Christmas. Aren't those Carolers cute? Love that bustle. Everything cut out with the Silhouette and the Sunday paper. I do love this tray but I never use it as a tray just to look pretty. I'm still looking for one for you.

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  1. Oh, my Nita....this one is so ADORABLE....I think I like this one over the Halloween one. I sure hope you find me a tray some day!
    Those Carolers are adorable...were they off Silhouette Online? I spend way too much time on that site...LOL
    Christmas cards are all done and in the mail...just now getting ready to snap a shot of them to post. Then on to Gavin's classmates but it shouldn't take too long...just doing a copy of an idea I saw on Pinterest. I can do great work just can't come up with my own designs! Boohooo...even my Christmas card was adapted from a tag I saw.

  2. Thanks. I liked the way it turned out.
    Yes the carolers are from Silhouette Online. It does take some time finding what you want on that site. They have so much to look through.

    Just keep at it...the more you do the more ideas come to you a pit from this one and a pit from that one.

  3. I mean a bit from this and a bit from that.

  4. LOL....I knew what you meant...Just finished up my Christmas stockings and Gavin's class treats. on to another of my long list of projects. The days are getting shorter and shorter....I don't believe I'll get it all done. Oh, well....
    I've told myself I was starting Christmas the first of November next year...I'm sure it won't happen but I can think it might. Unfortunately, Bill is off on vacation most of the whole month of November and I can't get him to leave the house...he goes deer hunting maybe 7 days of that 2 1/2 weeks and the rest of the time he just follows me around and ask me what I'm doing...drives me NUTS! I can't (never could) work when someone is around.



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