December 8, 2012

Card Assembling Day

Am I nuts or what?  It took me almost a full day to design my card, another full day to cut it all out and now it will take me most of today to assemble them all. Then I still have to address, stuff, stamp and mail....and to think I could have just got to the store, bought a $5.00 box of cards and been done in one day.  I guess the 'crafting' is bred into my blood!  I do enjoy it through and it gives me lots to do.

Again, this whole card was designed and cut by the Silhouette.  The snowflakes were the hardest for the machine to accomplish.  I cut 25 flakes at a time and it took the Cameo an hour and 15 minutes to cut the full sheet but they are so lovely and delicate.  I had to put in a brand new blade and I used my newest mat so the paper would really stick tight.  You can't see it in this picture but the little limbs have tiny stars on the ends.
I hope to have a completed card to share tomorrow.

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  1. These are adorable. Hope I get one.
    It will be a $5.00 box for me have started to
    run out of time.

    I think I can see why Bill made his comment...LOL

  2. Yep, I'm running out of time too....and I still haven't unboxed a single Santa....tree is up and that is it!

    LOL....yep, I'm starting to understand the comment too....LOL



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