December 20, 2012

Winter Storm Christmas 2012

Batten the hatches, tighten the sails.....wind advisory in the mid states!  And that is putting it mildly.....the winds have blown over everything outside, the snow is stuck so tight to the windows, I can't see out and its cold as ice! How much snow did we get?  Who places its bare...other places is a good 6 feet deep! glad I didn't have to get outside today!  The Christmas lights were on early this am so won't be on tonight and it's too dang cold and windy to mess with them now.  They will just have to wait till tomorrow!

I'm are wrapped, projects are done and house is almost cleaned up.  I have a beauty appointment in the morning and then I'm coming home to start some baking.  The kids are coming this Sunday, so Christmas will be early for the Axtell household.  I can't wait!

Will be posting images later today...if I get the house done. images of the snow and camera operator can not function outside today!

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