December 26, 2012

Bulldog Football 2012

I can't believe how big he looks in this photo.  This was his last year to play football and he cried buckets after the last game of the season. He really, really loves playing it.  His school does not offer football at this time. They are debating on starting it but its a ways down the pike for now.  Hopefully, by the time he gets to high school, the sport will be added. 
Jerri Ann didn't want to pay the price for the photos that they take each year, so I took these after the season was over and before he had to turn his uniform back in. I've been printing all afternoon....just can't seem to get the print out right.  I have finally figured out to change my print driver from Epson Vivid to Adobe RGB and it seems to match my screen much better now.  Not perfect, but I can live with it! 

Scroll down..I posted twice today!

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  1. Great picture and he is growing up.
    It's a shame that his school doesn't have football.
    I think kids learn a lot from play sports.

  2. yes, he is...growing up that is. Gavin plays just about every sport they offer....except soccer. I think it keeps the kids grounded when they play sports. Teaches them how to play nice with others.
    We spent yesterday together. Jerri Ann had to have a wisdom tooth taken out in the city, she couldn't drive afterwards, so I drove her down and back. We did a little shopping beforehand. Gavin tagged along!



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