December 18, 2012

Snaps of Christmas around the house

Needed to take a few snaps of some of my Christmas decorating to show you and it will also help me remember how I did it all when it's time to do it again next year.

Bowl of pine, mercury glass and acorn ornaments on the coffee table in the living room.

Tree in the living room decorated with copper, white, gold and silver ornaments.

Snap of one of a few new ornaments this year for the living room tree.

Bread bowl with pine, red, green and lime ornaments as a center piece on the table in the sun room.

Lantern on the buffet in the sun room. That plaid ribbon drove me nuts with all the glitter. I still have it everywhere even after the sweeper has been run several times but it's beautiful and I love it.

A fake place setting in the sun room......Fake because I need to wash all the glitter from that ribbon before anyone can eat off of them.
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  1. Oh, wow...Nita...your house is so festive and beautiful! Makes mine look really blah! I did get the Santa collection out but its just piled on the mantel. I just could not get into decorating of the inside of the house this year. No one sees it but us and Jerri Ann's family. The tree, a centerpiece on the dining room table and the santa's on the mantel...that is it. Maybe next year, when I don't procrastinate about the craft stuff....ha ha ha...
    I LOVE the shot of the ornament and the copper/silver tree is awesome!
    Maybe I need to join a club of some kind to inspire me to decorate the inside of the house. I do a ton on the outside where folks can see it.

  2. Dang it...hit the publish key too fast! I also love the photo of the fake plate with the tree in the background. You should have this done up in a photo Christmas card! I love getting photo cards but never wanted to have one done of Bill and I but this photo would be perfect....a nice touch of a part of your home.
    You have some BEAUTIFUL ornaments!

  3. Thanks Mary....glad you like. It took me at least 4 days to get it all
    done this year much long than years past. That must me I'm getting to old for this. Need to cut back some.
    I still would like to have the domino group in one evening but it may have to be after Christmas. I'm running out of time.
    Brent & I are going out to finish shopping and a Christmas lunch today.



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