December 21, 2012

Christmas Tags and Projects

These are the tags I made for Jerri Ann and I....I used the Penquins for the kids and she used the tree ones for her neighbor gifts.  She gives her neighbors some of her canned vegetables in baskets.

These were all cut on the Silhouette....the penguins were purchased off 2Peas and were drawn by Hero's Arts.  I didn't like the way the reds came out of the printer so I colored the hat band and scarf with my markers.  Added a pearl to the hat top and I didn't do it on these tags until after I had taken this photo but I put a white dot in their eyes and a tiny bit of pink to their cheeks...really made them stand out better.The paper I used was AC cardstock for the white, and the pattern paper was from Echo Park.  Made the tag myself and added some rhinestones to the tree and crystal lacquer to the star. 

I used paper from Pink Petticoat for these tags.  I really love the kraft/white look.  You get 6 or 7 different designs in white or cream.  The tree is paper from Cosmo Cricket.  Again, these were designed and cut on the Silhouette...very classy, don't you think?  Added green rhinestones and glitter to the star and some twine for the hanger.  I need to make some of these up for next year for me to use.

These were nothing special...I purchased the cut files from the Silhouette Online store and just assembled with paper.  These all hold the gift cards I got for the Chicago crew. The Santa's used all AC cardstock and I ran the beard, hat brim and mustache through the Cuddlebug with the swirls embossing folder.  The deer tag used more of the Pink Petticoat kraft/white paper with the deer cut out twice using brown and tan paper from my stash.  I then layered the antlers behind the deer head and gave it all a bit of distressing. Used some twine for the 'gift card' tag and around the outside of the pouch.  This holder has a tag you can pull out but it wasn't designed to hold a gift card. I added 'slots' to the tag so when you pull the tag, the gift card comes with it.  The present is another cut file that I used blue paper that I printed off first cause I wanted an inside and an outside.  The paper is from Michele Coleman called Winters Song. The silver is some more of that stash of mine that has been hiding in my cabinets for years...LOL  Which reminds me...I want to order some glitter paper.

And next up is the Christmas stockings I made for us and Jerri Ann, Randy and Gavin.  I had seen this idea on Silhouette Blog and she did it to make a garland for her tree.  I saw it as a tag for our Christmas stockings.  The stockings are made out of burlap and lined and cuffed with some linen material.  All purchased from Wal-Mart.  I had quite a time trying to figure out how to line and cuff with no seams showing but finally figured it out, after ripping out seams a couple times...LOL...The only thing I would have done differently was giving the burlap a layer of interfacing.  I think it would have made it easier to sew and gave it much more polished look in the end...but, its too late now and they still look good on the mantel.  I guess I need to purchase some of that Fusible interfacing to have on hand.
The tags were cut on the Silhouette in the star shape with Pink Petticoat Kraft/White paper.  I made the linen circles by hand basting and gathering and then cut the circle with some music paper from Glitz, I think....not sure as I forgot to tag it in my Silhouette program. Then I cut the initials on the Silhouette, ran them though my Xyron to add sticky and added the glitter...Once I had them glittered, I gave them a couple coats of Spray sealer so the glitter wouldn't fall off.  They were all attached together with glue dots but not too sure they will hold up on the material.  I need to find some glue that adheres material to paper but didn't have time to research and get it in now. I tied twine off the point of the star and they are held onto the stockings with clothes pins that I added glitter too in the same manner as the initials. They look awesome hanging together off the mantel!

And the last thing I'll be sharing today is the birthday card I made for Brenda.  My Silhouette has gotten a work out the past month.  I can venture to say that I think I definitely know how to run it now...LOL
Cut the snowman out of AC cardstock after printing with Pink Petticoat kraft/white paper.  Used some paper from my pattern folder in the Silhouette Studio for the hat and gloves and plain brown AC cardstock for the arms.  I added a small round pompom to the top of the hat and glittered the blue spots in the hat and gloves. The banner was made with more paper from my patterns folder in Studio and I mirrored them all above and rotated them so I could fold it in half and hang on my embroidery floss.  Cut the little letters and glued them to the banner tags and then added glitter to them.  The scarf is some felt from PaperTrey Inc and the little rose is from a kit I got to make a bracelet with.  I think it came as a surprise grab bag from My Craft Channel.  Finished it all off with hand drawn eyes, mouth and nose and attached the back of the card with scor tape behind the hat.  Too stinking cute!!

That's All Folks.....

Don't forget to click on the images and view image, a much, much nicer view of the projects!!

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  1. WOW....Now I know why you forgot to answer one of my questions. You have been busy creating.
    I have always just throw away my tags but yours I would have to keep. That Santa looks familiar,isn't it some like your cards last year?
    Your stockings are adorable....didn't know you sewed too. I never liked Fusible interfacing but haven't used it in years so maybe it's changed.

    Brenda's card is so cute.

  2. Well shit....what question did I forget to answer? And here I 'thought' I was keeping up....LOL...

    Ask again...I promise to answer in the morning.

    Thank you! No, the Santa is one from Silhouette Online but I did make a card quite similar to this one and I did use the same embossing folder on the beard for it. I put the same tag from last year on Gavin's gift this year...LOL...found it in my bow box and it had his name in the To: so I just recycled it again.
    I can sew and have sewn my whole life, just not much lately. I used to sew a lot of Jerri Ann's clothes but once she got into high school, I quit. I mainly just sew curtains and such now. I haven't made an outfit for me since the days of polyester pants...LOL
    I've never used the fusible I might not like it either. I was taught the old way of basting the interfacing in.
    I'm completely dead tonight....shoveled snow for 2 hours this afternoon. Was so tired, I didn't get a single thing baked for Christmas dinner...will be busy tomorrow!

  3. What font did you use on your Christmas card envelope. Brent liked it and wanted me to use it on ours but I found one I liked so don't worry about it. Just giving you a little jab.

    Oh, the polyester pantsuits glad they are not back in style. I made a new valance and table runner for in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago.
    Have material to do one to match for the table in the sun room.

    I was in the kitchen most of the day today. Double batch of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate and peanut butter fudge. Made chocolate krinkle cookies yesterday. Need to run to the store to pick up a few last minute items for the food cooking.

    We only have about an inch of snow so just need to sweep and throw out some salt. I think it's about to quit.

  4. I know I answered that question...I even sent the font....I'll send again but it says sent in my sent folder!

    I have 2 pies baked, the noodles are drying on the counter and broth is finished up and cooling. I didn't make any cookies or candy, just put out my jars of bought candy...I never did make candy but a few times and I know the cookies will be left for me to eat and I don't need the extra pounds. Bill and I have been trying to lose a few but its not happening much since I've not had time to get out and walk...that will be fixed next week as I'm going to get back out there.
    I just might have to make a batch of peanut butter cookies through...Gavin loves them and could eat the whole batch. Yep, I might have time this afternoon.
    I've got three loads of clothes washed, the bathrooms cleaned, floors mopped and vacuum ran...not bad for 10:30 in the morning.
    Our snow is melting but I think we will still have the big drifts for Christmas but at least the roads and driveway will be clean.

  5. Got it this time....Thanks.

    I'm hoping that all the things I have baked goes home with someone because I'm not being as careful as I should. I'll start counting points again as soon as this is all over with. My ankle is getting better so hope to get back on the treadmill too.
    I'll cook my ham and a few other things on Monday before I go to my Sister's and then to Grandpa Smith's to have Christmas and then home to eat again. I just can't have Christmas here without have a few things to eat and make the house smell like Christmas.....LOL

  6. Well, its all done....I'm ready to start the Christmas ham in the morning. Tonight, we are going out to eat and take in the Christmas lights. I'm so glad its here and I'm ready!

    Merry Christmas, Nita and Brent!

  7. I'm ready too but I'm not putting the ham on until Monday. I may take tomorrow off. No I know me I'll find something to do.

    You and Bill have a Merry Christmas!



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