April 2, 2013

Flower Pot Card

My longtime and good friend, Maxine, came for a playdate a couple weeks ago....we had so much fun.  She is just getting into making her own cards and wanted some pointers.  I can't say I'm the best teacher but I think she went away with some good tips....I know she liked my organizational skills cause she's been re-organizing her craft room ever since...LOL...
Anyway, she had bought this card kit and wanted to know if I could re-create it.  Of course, I was up for the challenge and it wasn't hard to do at all.  I, made the pot in the SSDE software and just used some flowers that I had downloaded from the online store.  She has a Cricut so is a bit more limited on what she can do but she enjoyed learning how I do my own cards with the Silhouette. I filled all the shapes and then printed them out and cut them on the Silhouette.  We both designed a card and this is where I showed her the few techniques I like to use and know a little bit about.  Basically, she just followed my card design and made hers the same.  After she left, I finished up the card for my mom's birthday and designed the box for it to go in.  I thought it turned out really pretty and mom liked it!  I'm sure it went to church with her on Sunday to show off to her Sunday School class. 

I have lots more to post this week but am knee deep in the Amazing Race..so don't know if I'll get them posted or not.  Gavin's birthday party is the 13th and I still have lots to do.  Thank goodness it is Season 2 and I still have all the ingredients from Season 1...LOL....basically all I have to do is clear the clue cards and add new clues and challenges.  At least I don't have to design the whole cards again.  I'm going to make water bottle labels this year and candy bar wrappers and then will probably have to remake the banner, but it will only be printing and cutting as I saved all the banner info.  

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  1. Lovely card Mary and I sure your friend enjoyed learning from you.
    I know your Mother loved the card and was proud to show it off.
    I like some of the paper flowers that I see around.

    Thanks for sharing your card.

    I did a new header a couple of weeks ago just haven't had time to get it up.

  2. Thank You! I can't wait to see what you've made!



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