April 15, 2013

You will never guess?????

What this crust is made of. Do you give up? ..... It's cauliflower and I know I said yuck when I read about this but I decided to give it a try since pizza crust is a no no when I'm watching my carb
in-take. But I will have to say it's good and you can not (I say again) you can not..... till it's cauliflower.
This is what Brent and I had for lunch today and it's so good and very filling.
I followed the recipe except for the fennel and parsley in the crust. I just add oregano, garlic powder and a dash or two of Italian seasoning.  I'm not going to quote the carb amount because it will depend on the sauce you use but it's very low. After eating this and liking it I just may have to try mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes.

Here's the recipe card to print.

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  1. My beautician gave me this recipe a while back but I hadn't tried it yet. I do add cauliflower to my lasagna and vegetable soup, just so we can get the added nutrients and it kind of bulks up the recipes. I'll have to give this a try cause Bill and I do miss our pizza. There is also a recipe for cauliflower mashed potatoes but I haven't come across it yet. Becky (beautician) has a sister in law that has been trying to do away with wheat all together and she was the one that said the pizza crust was great! I might give this a try next week. BTW...as of this morning, I've lost 30 pounds...5 more to go and then I'll be back to my pre UPS weight!

    Thanks for the recipe card!!!

  2. It surprised me how good it was. I have the one for cauliflower mashed potatoes but haven't tried it yet but I will.
    BTW....as of this morning I've lost a whopping total of 6 lbs. it's hard not to get discouraged and give up but I'm trying to hang in. Brent has lost way more than me but I'm always the low man on the totem pole. You would think I would get use to it but it still stinks.

    Leaving for the beach in the morning.

    Your welcome to the recipe card. I have a new recipe notebook that has pockets for the cards....now to just get all my recipes onto cards.

  3. Have a great time at the beach...and do not give up on the weight loss...it will come, albeit slowly, but it has to budge sometime. Jerri Ann is having a real hard time losing too...she is getting really discouraged! She works out every day and is watching her carbs but as of last week, she still hadn't lost a pound...I feel for both of you and have my fingers crossed that something will give soon! I think men lose weight easier than women...Bill has lost over 20 pounds and he isn't even trying...he just eats what I cook and put on his plate. I watch every calorie and work out religiously....and they are not small workouts....I walked 8 miles the day of the birthday party because I knew I would be eating food not on my diet..fried tenderloin sandwich and Jerri Ann's 'loaded with calories' mashed potatoes...I did refrain from the ice cream and cake, which wasn't as hard as it sounds because I don't like fondue icing and ice cream is one of those things I can take or leave....but I do an hour and a half of walking outside or walking with Leslie Sansone tapes inside every day! My calorie burn for the exercises is going down as I get fitted, so I have to keep upping the time I exercise. Ugh!

    So...my friend....hang in there! I'm pulling for you and I know you can do this! I know you can!!!

    As soon as I get caught up on the extra stuff I'm doing this month, (wedding and birthday parties) I'm going to start a new recipe book with our favorite JoAnna Lund recipes in it...that way they are easier to find in my vast array of cookbooks and newsletters that I own! LOL

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. BTW...did you put anything on that pizza? Like meat?



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