May 3, 2013

May 3rd 2013....this is unbelievable!!!!

Going to have to put snow chains on to go to an outdoor wedding!  UnREAL......and I'm sick of this!!  My tulips had just bloomed out, the crab apples were just getting ready to open their blooms and my Bradfords were in full I get to clean up broken limbs!  Yuck, Yuck, Yuck....can you tell I'm in a bad mood over this!

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  1. Yes I can tell and I would be too if this was outside. Have worked in flower beds for 2 days now crawling all over the ground and today I can't move my back is killing me. Wanted to get more done today but I don't think so.
    Hope the weather gets better soon.
    Were is the post of the wedding items you did?

  2. It's still snowing and we now have about 5 inches of very heavy, wet snow.....but my flower beds are all cleaned just can't see them! Sorry you are down in the back...that is the bad thing about Spring, we tried to do too much, too fast and end up with lots of aches and pains.

    The post of the wedding stuff is up now!



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