May 9, 2013

The Easter Cards!

Nothing like being over a month late to post Easter cards....oh, well....

This first one is for little Beautiful Bella....

This card was done using lots of shapes from the online store...the flowers, the rabbit and the saying all came from there and were cut out of various colors of AC cardstock except the flowers, they were cut out using print and cut in SSDE.  The grass was made by me and then cut out on the Cameo.  I used bling from Want2Scrap and the bunny tail is covered with white glitter.  I then edged all along the feet and 'butt' with a gray marker to give it a bit of depth and shadow.  I also colored the grass spikes to give it some dimension from the flat ground grass.  (I'm sure that just made a lot of sense...LOL).  Stitching was done by machine and I was trying to give it a bit of a crooked look but I can't do that any better than I can sew straight...LOL...

Next up is for my Amazingly talented Amanda! 

Again, I used the print and cut feature in SSDE...all papers from Daisy & Company by Gina Jane called baby Girl...remember how we used to love getting Hugware by Gina Jane?  The tulip is a shape I got from the online store but that is all I used shape wise this time.  I made my own Washi tape by printing on velum and then using my adhesive Xryon to add clear glue to the back of it.  I actually did this as a print and cut so I could add the pattern and the wording and then set it to cut jagged on the ends. Rounded all my edges and then adhered it in layers and sewed with my machine on the flower stem, leaves and the corners of the label.  The tulip was added in layers with pop dots to add dimension. I really liked how this turned out! 

And last....for Jumping Jack!  Too cute!!!

This is all mine....well, except for the idea.....I found this coloring book picture of this bunny driving a tractor...did a through search and came up empty on any shape for the bunny or the tractor and still wanted to do it, so.....I set down and preceded to learn the tools in SSDE....and this is the results...opps....forgot, those are not my eggs...I DID get those from the online store. I made the tractor first....its hard to see in the image, but the tire has treads...both shapes cut out and then adhered together after I chalked up the edges. Then I cut the seat, the grill, the headlights, the bucket, etc....the bunny was the hardest for me to do cause I had trouble making the body but I did it and I'm SOOOO proud!  LOL....most of his face is a print and cut...I did not want to glue all those tiny things on but I used pink chalk for his cheeks and then used gray chalk to ink around the edges of his face and body.  The helmet and ears are cut separately. I cut slits in the helmet so the ears would slide down behind it and added detailing on the brim with a black pen. Added some glitter to the eggs and rhinestones to the front of the bucket.  The grass and sky are actually printed onto the front of the card and then I cut out the Beep Beep and added it with popdots.  What do you think?
Think I could have a career in design elements if I weren't so old?  LOL...

Don't forget to scroll down, I posted yesterday too and I'm going to post again today!

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  1. You are never to old!
    This is Amazing and you should be proud you did
    a great job.

  2. Didn't realize these were all in the same post. I started at the bottom instead of the top.

    I love all the cards,you are getting so good I don't even know what you are talking about.
    Great job Mary.

  3. LOL...that is ok.....its been awhile since I posted! I just finished up the Mother's day cards and will get a shot later if the sun comes out.

    Everything that I do on my cards, you could do just as good or better. Its basically not any different then designing in Corel Draw or Photoshop but you now get to cut with a machine instead of scissors! just to design beautiful stuff and I have the folder to prove it...I saved it all!

    Thank you!



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