May 25, 2013

Outside my window

A quick snap of one of my roses. This has been the craziest springs we had another frost last night. Getting tired of covering stuff up. Hope you have a great Memorial Day week-end.
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  1. Dang it! I replied to this and it didn't post....or got lost in outer space.....or my Ipad isn't set up to post to my blog...or the heavy rain interfered....LOL.....oh, well...I'll do it again!

    This is a lovely Knock Outs are just now starting to open up. I have lots and lots of buds but they want some sunshine and warmer weather before they stick their noses out. I planted 6 more down the privacy fence yesterday. Bill and I made a rain barrel and just got it set up under the guttering when a storm blew in and it filled the barrel with only .2 of an inch of rain. to figure out a good way to get it to my flowers besides bucketing it to every one of them. I'd like to have one more barrel but need to find a barrel first. Dad gave me the one I have.

    I got all my ground planting done and my tomato plants potted up but I still have flowers to put in pots. I wanted to work on them today but its rained ALL the tune of 4 1/2 inches!! We could use a bit of rain but didn't need that much. Bill went to work this morning but got to come back home around 9 because it didn't rain as much at his work site.

    So...instead of working on flowers, I worked up two birthday cards that needed to be sent tomorrow...guess it was a good thing it rained!

  2. Opps...forgot to comment on the chalk board....I suppose you did that the first of May? I'm not real observant!

  3. Thanks glad you like it but it isn't a Knock Out but a long stem rose that has white on the outside of the petal and red on the inside. I've had it for years and don't remember the name. My Knock Outs are blooming pretty good all though the weather here has been lousy. Rained some today a quite chilly.I have everything planted except for one pot and we've already had broccoli out of the garden.
    Your rain barrel is a clever idea and a neat and useful accessory in the garden. I've always wanted a rain chain, I think that is what they are called.

    Why did Bill come home because it didn't rain as much????

    I just put May up.....I forgot about it.

  4. Sorry, I confused you....I knew it wasn't a Knock Out but stated that mine were getting ready to bloom...LOL.....
    Bill came home because they didn't get as much rain at his work location as we did....if they had got as much as we did, he would have had to stay and drain containment's (watered down poop holders)as they start running over into the streams if they don't drain them when they are full...hope that explains it...

  5. Wasn't confused just thought that was the way it sounded when I read it but I should have know better.

    Yep that explains it would want that to run over into the streams.



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