May 8, 2013

My Aunt's Birthday

I know, I know...I said this would be Easter cards but came across this and remembered that I hadn't posted it yet. it is...a card I made for my aunt.   She loved it!

The bicycle was a bugger to cut...I need a new blade and a new mat when I cut something this intricut and I had neither....I think I cut it at least 8 times before I came out with 2 good cuts that I could stack and glue together to make it a bit thicker.  It's been so long since I made this that I can't remember where the paper came from...just know that I scanned it in and then imported to my SSDE.  The saying is from Designer Digitals, I think by Katie Pertiet but don't quote me on that either....I really, really need to add notes to my designs!  LOL...I know the pearls are from Want2Scrap and the bicycle rims are from Teresa Collings and the little coral flowers are from my mom's craft stash.  The butterfly was a shape that I cut on the Silhouette and I just used a pen to make the stitching around the scallop shape.

Edited:  Forgot to add...the bicycle was a digital image that I imported and then traced and then I had to re-do the spokes...they looked much neater in the original trace because they were super delicate but that was the trouble I was having getting it to cut correctly...they kept tearing! So, I remove every other spoke and widened the rest out a bit and it cut easier...I know if I'd had a new mat and a new blade, it would have cut the delicate ones just fine but as usual, I was running out of time.  The bike did not have a 'basket' so I had to add that shape to put my flowers in.  


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  1. I can see I'm going to have a bunch of comments to make. Wasn't on here yesterday so not sure when you did all the posting.
    Love the color combo and the bike on this one.

  2. Thank you for ALL the comments!



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