August 26, 2013

No, not just for me Brent can have some too if he wants I don’t mind sharing.

This turned out to be pretty good but I want to play around with some other options.
I would like to have a crust on the bottom, maybe just some crushed nuts would work to give it that little extra and sugar free cherry pie filling on top.  I used a dab of sugar free blueberry jelly on the top of these to fill were it sunk in after baking. Wish that hadn't happened but I forgot to turn the timer on so I didn’t know how long they were in the oven. They probably would do it anyway. Would also like to make them without the cupcake liners. That would make them easier to serve to company.

Anyway they make a pretty good low carb evening snack and if you used low fat cream cheese you could have them on your diet.

Cream Cheese Muffins
2  8 oz. pks. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
½ cup sweetner  ( I used ¼ cup Truvia)
2 eggs
½ tsp vanilla

Soften cream cheese about 40 seconds in microwave. Add other ingredients. Beat with mixer till smooth. Pour into 12 muffin pans lined with cupcake liners. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.
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  1. This does look good....have you tried the parchment cupcake liners? They seem to come off real easy. I've also started using the Reynolds Wrap ones that you can bake in without a cupcake pan. I don't have any jumbo cupcake tins so I buy the Reynolds Wrap jumbo liners and just bake them on a flat pan.

    Yep, I agree....cherry pie filling AND nuts would really top it off...I love nuts in absolutely everything...its a good thing Bill likes them that way or we would be in big trouble...LOL....the rest of his family hates nuts mixed in their food! I even put pecans in my Chicken Salad and cole slaw.

    I like how you showcased this! You did good!!!

  2. case you haven't noticed the RECIPE tab at the top...I'm trying to make another page that I can group all the recipes onto one page by themselves but haven't completely figured out how to do it yet....I just need to quit sleeping at night so I can do all the things I want to do...I'm having hardwood floors put down this fall and need to paint first...but pictures HAVE to be completed before I can even start that and we have a dresser in the shop that needs remade and painted for an entertainment center so our new flat-screen can come off the coffee table....oh, did I get so damn busy that I can't complete anything??????

  3. No I haven't used the parchment liners I will give them a try. I always used parchement paper when I bake so I'm sure they would work fine.
    I love pecans and walnuts in anything.

    Glad you like the shot Thanks.

    I noticed.Do you mean like a navigation bar??? You'll figure it out.

    New flat-screen and new floors you sound like us. I'm starting to get buyers guilt. New car,family vacation,new kitchen floor going in next week and all new stainless steel appliances. I think I may cancel christmas this year.

  4. Hi ladies, just popping in to see what y'all are up to. Nice to see things that y'all have made and the nice photos....Brenda/Mojo

    1. Good to hear from you, Brenda....long time! Staying busy!



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