November 20, 2013

Phase One of the Remodel

It's been a hectic three weeks but things are really taking shape.  I've painted 10 gallons of paint and have two more to go. The living room, stereo room, bathroom, dining room, family room and two hallways have received fresh coats of paint and the great room is 3/4 done with the ceiling paint. Just have above the kitchen left to do and hope to get it done today.  It's raining cats and dogs, so no work outside and probably no walk unless it clears out later this afternoon. 

I didn't dig out any before pictures, as my picture folder is an unorganized mess and too hard to find them...LOL...but you will get to see what I've accomplished so far.

First up is the living room with new paint and beautiful, new Armstrong Luxe Vinyl plank flooring.  I have to say, I'm really liking this new floor!

Not the best image but I didn't have the best light and was in a hurry.  The color of the walls is called Wicker by Benjamin Moore and the green in the hallway is called Palm.  The flooring is called Exotic Fruitwood.  I'm debating on an area rug but can't decide if I want to go that route or just leave it open. 

And next is the most dramatic change...the bathroom.  I've always had wall paper so going to plain paint was a bit boring to me...LOL...

The color of the main walls is the Wicker by Benjamin Moore and the shower wall is called Tropical Bay.  I guess I should explain these colors so as to not confuse folks if they go to a Benjamin Moore store and can't find them...I actually found the color chips at Lowe's but my favorite paint is BM, so I took the samples to my BM store and they computer matched them.  I used their Ultra Spec 500 low sheen paint because it is washable but also hides my wall imperfections.  Remember, I stated that the paint was boring so I really had to add some color with my shower curtains and accessories.  But, I do like how it turned out.  I love the ceramic tile!  I purchased a new faucet and went with brushed nickel.  I had a gold polished brass one before but finding polished brass is getting harder and harder.  Lowe's had a whole aisle of faucets and not one single brass one.  So, to make things match, I purchased Brushed Nickel spray paint and gave my cabinet knobs, towel rack and toilet paper holder an up-do with spray paint and clear varnish.  It's not exactly like the faucet but close enough to match.  Those brown flowers above the tub are from the clearance Halloween/Thanksgiving section of Shopko and I picked them up for .65 cents a apiece.  I went back to get more but they were all sold out.  I want to find some dragonflies to add to them to match the shower curtain. I might have to cut some from vinyl on my Cameo! 
The space between my medicine cabinet and sink was way too boring for me and I happened upon this sticker at Wally World and liked the saying and the colors...cost me a whole warping .97 cents...I couldn't cut it out myself for that price!  I had to give my paint a week to cure and it stuck perfectly!  

And now, on to phase two...finishing the kitchen with beadboard back splash and English Walnut Vinyl Planks....but that is for another day!

Hope you enjoyed my remodeling tour!

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  1. It all looks nice and clean and bright and shinny. Love that wicker paint color. I'm already tired of my gold. That floor is gorgeous looks so rich. I know you will love it with or without a rug. I haven't put one in the kitchen yet.
    The bathroom looks fabulous very nice colors. That floor looks a little like mine.
    I started this about 4 hours ago and Jodi call then Zach came in from school and had to fix him something to eat then Brent came in from the hospital
    (his Dad broke his hip today) had to talk to him and then Jodi came in from work to get Zach by that time it was time to fix dinner. Have eaten and
    clean up kitchen now I need to finish packing. Talk at you when I get back.


    1. Thanks for the kudo's. I finished up the ceiling in the kitchen last weekend so the painting is finally complete for this phase. Bill and I plan on putting the new light/fan in the bathroom and nailing up the final bit of trim and then the bathroom will be completely done. I'm doing some research on my kitchen backsplash. Unfortunately, my wall is cracked (the guy that added on the room when we bought the house didn't have a clue what he was doing!!!!) and I've patched it a couple times but it always re-cracks. But, I want to put up tile and I'm afraid it will crack too so I'm also thinking of putting up bead-board and painting it...and then we have to put the flooring down. That will be phase 2 of the remodel and then come January we will enter phase 3...the most work....remodeling Bill's bathroom which entails replacement of his shower and vanity and tiling the floor.
      Jerri Ann really likes my colors in the bathroom and told me I can't say she copied me if she goes the same route...LOL....she loves most all the decorating I do and I need to get up to her house and do some but I'm being a bitch about it and putting her off....she won't help me, so I'm letting her stew on my helping her...LOL...
      I hope you had a great shopping spree! I've got a few things on order now but a long ways from done and need to get those damn cards started!
      Thanks again!



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