February 21, 2014

Cards, Cards and more Cards.....

I knew I had gotten behind on posting the cards I make but didn't realize I'd got this far behind...I'll be sharing 15 cards today, as long as Blogger allows me to post that many in one post but if not, I guess it will have to be in more than one...

First up is a Birthday card. This was made way back the first of 2013 so trying to remember the particulars is next to impossible for this ole brain...LOL...I know the card stock is from Papertrey Ink and I drew the flowers and the greenery. I'm thinking the dandelion was a brush but not sure where I got it and the butterfly was cut on the Silhouette and I'm sure it and the label were files from the Silhouette Store...I wish I would remember to add a note to all my files but I don't!  Anyway, this was designed completely in the Silhouette software program and cut on the Cameo.

Next up....another birthday card, this one for my younger sister.  It was pretty simple and easy to make...probably had little time to do it in, is my guess...LOL...I used an embossing folder on the green panel, cut the butterflies on the cameo and then made the round tag and cut out of some paper I had on hand at the time.  Layered it up and added a ribbon bow...easy, easy, easy!

Are you bored yet?   Only 13 more to go!  This was another birthday card that I wanted to try out the technique of cutting out the front panel with a butterfly cut file and then cutting it again with pattern paper to layer it on top of the cutout.  I embossed the panel and added some pink cardstock underneath.  Rotated the sentiment down the side and then did a trace on the bicycle and did a print and cut with the Cameo.  After it was all cut out. I added Crystal lacquer to the metal part of the bicycle to make it shiny and then added a bit more to the flowers in the basket.  The bicycle file and papers are from Free Spirit by Krystal Hartley and Laurie Ann.  I really liked how this one turned out! I've added another image so you can see how I did the inside. 

Ok. on to card number 4!  Whew....another birthday...I don't make much of anything else!  This too used a digital kit that I traced and then did a print and cut...the dollies and bird on the vine came from this kit but at the moment I can not find it. The butterfly came from a kit by Lauri Ann called April Showers.  I'm thinking she is the artist for the bird too but will have to check on that more.  The dollies and bird are printed onto the scallop panel and then I traced just the bird and cut it again out of the teal stock and layered it on top.  Added some pretty dotted paper, teal ribbon and a wooden button.  I'm sure the saying came from the same kit as the dollies...

Oh, my....this is starting to bore me...I can imagine what it is doing to you...at least its not a birthday card...its a Father's Day card instead...I really like using the Cameo to cut out panels and then layer behind them.  It just adds something special to the card.  This is one of the first times I actually thought about rounding my corners.  I usually forget until I've got it all layered up and then you can't use the corner rounder.  The stars were something I picked up in the clearance aisle at Wally World.  It's funny about that font in my greeting....I was just typing in the greeting and the phone rang...I answered, talked for quite a while and came back to the card and printed it off....never even changed the font from the default font...didn't even notice till I had it all assembled and thought...that doesn't look the best!  Oh, well...I'm not starting over!  Kraft stock from Papertrey Ink and the blue is just some AC stock.  A little twine and called it good!

Have I posted the card I sent you yet?  I'm thinking it was this one but I could be so wrong!  I do good to remember who I made a card for this week and which one it was....LOL...my friend Max got to see her card on the blog and I'd already forgot it was the one I made for her...by the time I hit 70, I won't know where I live!

Anyway, this card was simply made with circles that I filled in SDE and then cut them on the Cameo.  Cut out and layered up some flowers because I wanted them to be thicker like chipboard elements and then used my markers to color the edges to match the paper.   This card is pretty self explanatory!

This is my least favorite of all the cards I've done....I had this thought in my head that didn't come out as good as I envisioned and it took more time than any card I've done...I wanted the vase to look like it was filled with water and the stems were in the water behind the glass.  I wish I could say it worked but it really didn't.  Just looks like I parted the water and laid the stems in the gap.  Flowers were cut files from Silhouette, filled with pattern paper and then cut and layered up with buttons and twine.  Embossed the back panel wit dots and tied on a pretty gingham ribbon.

Halfway there....this is another card I made with the free kit I got in my card making magazine from Hunky Dory...called Flutterbye Wishes....I'm anxious to get this months kit cause we are suppose to get another free kit from Hunky Dory again...I really love them.  Every thing was from the kit except for the scalloped card base and I made that with the Silhouette.  Added a few rhinestones and a beautiful card was completed. 

Still with me?  I sure hope so! I'd been wanting to try one of these cards for quite some time and finally broke down and bought some of the clear cardstock from PaperTrey Ink...loved how it turned out but it was terribly hard to photograph so you could see the clear part.  The girl, tag, clouds, fence and butterflies are on the front of the clear stock card and then the scenery is printed on cardstock and attached to the top of the clear stock.  I scored the clear stock about an inch down from the top and then the scenery was fitted into the fold and the clear stock was glued on the back side.  I added another label to the inside on the scenery for the inside message and its hidden behind the front label.  It looks so much prettier in real life!  Rolled flowers, ribbon, rhinestones and glitter and then a bit of distress inks around the edges...I have to laugh...looking at it here, it looks like she is riding a bike with a flat front tire!

Another card I tried using the clear stock.  The white chevron was cut on the Silhouette and attached to the front of the clear stock.  The balloons and wish were cut files that I filled and cut on the cameo and then I just added pink cardstock to the inside. On this one, I had to do a whole cardstock card (out of the pink) so I would have a place to write the inside message...otherwise, it would have shown on the front and I wouldn't have liked that look!  Not the prettiest card but it was ok! This card shows why I prefer to cut my files out of colored stock.....I do not like white edges and I forgot to color the edges of the Wish with my markers..

I'd better put it in high gear...Bill is hollering for supper!  Ok...a card that started out as a birthday card and ended up a Sympathy card....didn't even have a need at the time but didn't think it looked too festive for a birthday card either.  This was a new technique I'd learned how to do by making a swing card. The paper is Every Day Kraft by the Paper Studio.  Some ribbon, a bit of Liquid Pearl on the flower, some black dots and a sentiment...I need to make up a few of these to keep on hand.The flower stamp came from Kerri Bradford.

Onward.....we are getting closer! Only 4 more to go today!  Not that I'm caught up but it will be all for this post.  This was made for my beautiful, sweet daughter.  It wasn't my idea, I found it on Pinterest and had to see if I could re-create it with the Silhouette.  The original poster had used a die but I don't own any so had to make my own cut in SDE. The cut file wasn't too hard to make but it was a bugger to figure out how to get it mounted to the front oft the card.  I finally just cut stripes of foam tape as narrow as I could so it wouldn't show behind the 'wire'...the butterfly is a Silhouette cut file and I used some new glimmer paper stock that I got from PaperTrey Ink...love the shine it has...both the white and the blue are glimmer papers. The yellow is plain.  She loved it, of course! 

I'm sure you are aware that August is a busy birthday month for me....Greg, Jack, Bella and Jerri Ann and then Bill and my anniversary....I had to have all these done before the grands came for their summer visit which falls during the first of the month.  This one coming up was for Bella....she is a cowgirl at heart...loves riding horses whenever she gets the chance.  The kit is called GiddyUp Cowgirl by Carta Bella...love this kit and have used it twice now....All I did was use the paper for fills on my shapes and layered it all up.  The tag came from the kit...I made the scallops and the horse/cowgirl shape, I have no idea!  I'm sure it was a cut file but I can't find it in the library so I don't think it was from Silhouette but it could be an svg file.  Again...I need to add notes to my files!  A little ribbon, a pretty pink resin flower and some fake stitching...

Next for the month was Greg, one of my hardest cards to come up with...I like pink and frill...not boring and manly...nothing spectacular....just cut some pattern paper and layered it on with an added button...

And the last card I will share today....birthday card for dear Jack...love doing cards for little ones...
The puppy and balloons are cut files from Rivka's Renditions and was purchased through the Silhouette Store.  Embossed the background with a large dot embossing folder, layered the pup and added the balloons and some colored twine for the strings.  I just cut a few 7's from cardstock and added them around the base.

That's all for now....hope you didn't go to sleep before you made it through....I hope to post the rest of them next week....about a dozen more to go!


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  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment Vick and the Grands were here yesterday.
    15 cards is a lot to comment on individually so I'm not even going to try. They are all beautiful and shows just how talented you really are. There is a bunch of hard work displayed here. There is something I like about every one of them some more than others. Your theme seems to be butterflies and all of them are lovely. The one for your daughter is perfect.I like the flower is the vase with water one. I'm drawn to the plainer cards love the embossing on the one for your little sister. You sent me the lovely one with the bicycle and butterflies.

  2. I wasn't worried about you not commenting...I know you have a life too...

    Thanks for the kudos, I'm really happy I have this hobby,especially now that its cold and wintry...gives me something to fill my days. Course, I could fill my days with lots of other things too...LOL...

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow! You do absolutely beautiful work! Each and every one of these cards is just lovely! Amazing craftsmanship! Thank you so much Mary for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment on my clay ornaments! :)



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