January 29, 2015

Sharing a few things..

I promised you that I would share a few more things I made over Christmas but guess it will just have to be one share...I made, wrapped and delivered 3 signs and didn't get a single shot of them.  The only shot I got was the one I made for me...

I made this to put over my fireplace.  None of these are my ideas, they were all Pinterest finds.  I use contact paper to make my stencils.  I paint the base paint first and then lay the stencil down and Modge Podge around the letters to seal the edges so the paint doesn't seep underneath.  Then I add my paint, let it dry and then remove the stencil and distress it with sandpaper.  I really, really like making these. I made a sign for Randy to hang in his shop and one for Jerri Ann for her bedroom.  Then I made one to give to the Marshall woman at our annual Christmas get together.  I will be able to share a shot of the one I made for the woman because I'm making two more for my nieces who fought to get it at the get together but lost out.  So...kind hearted me, I told them I would make them one each.  I've got the signs put together and sanded, just need to paint and stencil.  If I have my camera up to Jerri Ann's some day, I'll try and remember to take a pic of those two. 

The colors are a bit off on this...the blue is a bit more subtle than it shows here.  I'm really not good at taking photos anymore.  I try and it looks really good on the back of the camera but once I upload them to the computer, they are lousy.  I'm to the point where I'm thinking of selling my gear and just buying a point and shoot. 

Ok, since I don't have any more signs to share, I do have 4 new cards I've worked up this month. January is really slow, card wise, but Feb. makes up for it.  Only 4 birthdays in Jan. and there are 7 in Feb. plus Valentines day.  Whew...I'd better get my butt in gear!

First is a birthday card for Bill's Aunt...Nothing really special about it...I used American Craft white cardstock and a file from the Silhouette Store. Since I wanted the cutout to 'remain' in the paper I had to edit the file to remove the outer border cut.  I got this paper free with my Cardmaking magazine and liked the colors. Then I cut the happy out of some lavender shimmer card stock and glued it on the front. Rounded the corners and added Rhinestones.  It didn't even cost me extra on postage.  Yippee!

Next, I had to have birthday cards for two young boys...one is 14 and the other turns 11 tomorrow.  I think I made them 4-wheeler cards last year too...LOL...

First one is for the 14 year old and I have no idea why it has a purple cast.  I give up on editing photos...I'm just going to shoot jpg and take what the camera gives me!  According to this image, the card is ugly but trust me...it looked cool!  I was really impressed with how it turned out.  The paper is by Vicki Robinson called Growth.  Then I added some paint splatters.  The 4-wheeler is an image I found online and traced and then cut it from black cardstock on the Cameo.  Glittered up some stars, added some rhinestones and layered it all on some gray cardstock.

This one was for Tracer...our great nephew...he is going to be 11 tomorrow..can't believe he's grown this fast.  This one used the same traced image as the card above.  I printed off the digital paper for the background and then made the top paper by adding stars, faux stitch lines and the text.  Cut some yellow stars and added some sequins for a bit of pop. I'm sure he'll like the addition on the inside...LOL

And the last one was for my favorite neighbor friend.  I had got a tutorial on how to make a cutout with Photoshop to make a digital scrapbook page and decided to experiment with the Cameo and see if I could come up with something similar.  I love how it turned out but need to figure out a way to keep everything straight.  Since it all went on in sections, it was hard to 'line' it all up perfectly.  The paper is digital and, of course, I have no idea who the designer is...I really, really, really need to add notes when I'm working on things.  I have so many papers and I don't 'add' them to my program permanently, I just drag them into the shape I want, so I can't go back and see where I got the paper later.  And my mind is horrible about retaining anything for longer than a few minutes at a time.  But both papers came from the same designer, I'm sure.  To create the snowman, I first made my three parts for the front.  I determined the sizes I wanted to use, drew out the three rectangles and then selected the center and right sections and then butted up the edges. I then placed my snowman shape on top and directly centered over the splice between the two halves.  Selected all of them and clicked on modify/subtract all.  When I moved the two rectangle shapes away from each other, the snowman shape was cut out of each half.  I'm having trouble telling this so it makes sense....sorry!  Anyway, then I filled my shapes with the digital papers, printed them out and then cut them on the Cameo.  I added double sided foam tape to the backs and lined them up as best I could on the front of my card.  Oh, forgot.....I added the white snowflakes to the solid center paper, chose 'no cut' so it would print only. The white stitching is done with my white gel pen by hand after I had it cut out.  Cut a snowflake out of double sided adhesive sheets so I could add glitter and then swirled some twine, added a pearl, some buttons and it was done.  Pretty cute, if I do say so myself! 

That's all for now...need to get more cards done!  If you have any questions, just ask...I know I'm not good at instructing!

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  1. Not sure I will get this comment all done or not. I'm waiting on the domino group to get here so if I stop I'll finish later.
    I really like all of these card. They all have that simple and clean look that I like.
    No.1 first off I love the color and the way you angled Happy over the bottom of the center cutout is perfect. The rounded corners and 3 rhinestones gives it just the right finishing touch.
    No.2 Did you splatter all the blue paint? If so you did a great job it's what makes the card really make all the rest pop.
    No.3 Good use of angles.
    No. 4 Believe it or not as soon as I looked at the card I understood exactly what you meant. Very clever I can see that with all kinds of cutout.

    Awesome work!!!

    I don't understand about the use of Modge Podge on the sign. Didn't it make it sticky?
    I like the sign and may need to come up with something for me to make.

    Have to change my shirt and get ready to play.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Not sure what has happened here..you have two comments and there is lots of empty space between the comment field and the comment. Hummmm...oh well!
    Thank you! The paint spatters were digital files so all I did was add them to the background...not real paint! LOL....that would have been a mess on my end...LOL..
    I agree...I can see the cutouts on lots of different things. Need to work more with it.
    No, the modge podge does not make it sticky. I lay the contact paper stencil down (it sticks but the paint can still seep under the edges) and then I take a foam brush and lightly spread modge podge on the 'insides' of the letters around the cutout edges. I do not put it on very thick and then I let it dry. Once it is dry, I use cosmetic sponges to dab on my paint. If I had painted the sign a solid color, I could have use the same color paint instead of the modge podge to 'seal' my edges but since I wanted to keep my white washed paint look, I didn't want to add more paint color. Plus, your letter paint color covers the modge podge and it (the Modge Podge) dries clear so where it seeps under the letter edges, it does not show. I buy the matte Modge podge, not the gloss.
    Just finished up my SIL's 50th birthday card. Will post later, I'm heading out for my walk!

  4. Not sure what happened either. I deleted one of them but can get rid of the space.
    Off to see your other post.



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