May 2, 2015

Is it dead?

It's been 3 whole months since we posted to the blog.  I have things to post, just no time to get it done.  I'd like to think the blog will survive but its looking iffy.  Maybe if it rains next week, I'll have some inside time.  I've got some graduation cards to make and a birthday card for Amanda too.  Hopefully, things will get less busy so I can post a few pics.

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  1. I don't look for it to get less busy on your end as for me I just don't have anything interesting to post. Been away for 10 days so work is really backed up.

    1. Hope you had a good time! You'll have the work caught back up in no time! It's cool here today...really cool and windy yesterday so I got three graduation cards made. Today, I'm going to work on cleaning up the maple helicopters...they are finally done dropping off the trees.



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