March 21, 2008

Day 34

Look what I started today! The washer and dryer were delivered today. I wish they had made it undamaged but the washer has two one inch scratches on the front bottom. I noted it on the manifest papers and called the company to let them know. They are contacting GE to see if the panel is one that can be replaced. I have to wait to hear from them but Bill and I switched the panels and reversed the dryer door. And, I went to Moore's and got paint and got the wall that they will sit on painted. I'm using this color called tyler taupe and then the one wall that you see when you walk in the back door will be raspberry truffle, a pretty shade of deep red. So..I'm keeping my Americana theme. As soon as I get it painted, I'm going to have the tile put down..I'm anxious now!
Oh, did I tell you I had the day off? LOL....Bill had it as holiday and I took it off..
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1 comment:

  1. like the color that you picked for this. You work way to hard.



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