March 23, 2008

Day 35

This wall is complete and the new laundry appliance are hooked up and I've washed 2 loads of towels. Not that I really had two loads dirty..we had to test it, so I just threw some of the towels I was using to clean and paint with in without any soap to make sure the washer worked. You can't just run water in the washer, it has to have something in it. Then, last night when I got done with all I did yesterday, I washed the towels know, with soap! LOL..they work great and I really like them so far. Now, I've got to get that freezer outside to the garage so I can paint it white. Keep your fingers crossed that I do a good job and no paint runs.
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1 comment:

  1. looks very nice. I think the only time I've bought a washer and dryer to match was the first set I got. Mine never go at the same time so they never match,but no one but me every get to see them so that is ok.



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