March 23, 2008

Day 36

Well, I'm slowly moving around the room. If it weren't for the wallpaper on the bottom of the walls, I'd had the room painted. It's taking forever to strip the 'dry-strip-able' paper...LOL. I must have pasted it with cement glue. I hope to finish this wall today and get it painted. Then all I will lack will be the red wall. I think I would like this color better if my woodwork was white but I don't want to paint it. What do you think about the door being the red color that I'm painting the far wall? Or, should I paint it the same as the walls beside it. The white spots are spackling...I had a few little holes.
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  1. I think I would like the door painted the color of the walls beside it. The white woodwork looks
    so nice but mine will never be painted. What!!!paint that nice woodwork.

  2. hubby's exact complained about the painted woodwork when we moved in here and spent months striping it off and staining it...why in the hell would you want to put paint on it...I told him, "I'm a woman...I change my mind..and to be careful, I might change my mind about you!" LOL

    I painted it the same color as the walls beside it..didn't think I'd like it red either.



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