December 13, 2008

Day 249

Well...after working on this for over 2 hours, this is as good as it gets. I was more pleased with the photos this year then I've been in the past but they still aren't as good as I would like. I upped the ISO clear up to 1600 so the noise was horrible but Neat Image took care of most of it. I wouldn't want to print these out over a 4 x 6 as the noise would be terribly noticeable in anything larger. I still have trouble with adding journal spots. I could not find anything that suited me so I gave up and just put the date.
I believe all this is from NitWit Collections except the tag and I'm not sure where that is from...too tired to search. I think its probably a Gina Cabrera.
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  1. It looks good to me and Gavin will like it and that is all that matters. Do I see his red head friend beside him?
    I like this paper,it looks like cloth.

  2. Yes, that is Logan and Lane is on the top row with the checkered shirt. I wish we could convince the powers that be to turn off the lights that shine right up on their faces from the floor. Gives them all a shiny face. NitWit collections is made to look like quilting. I like her art.



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