December 13, 2008

Day 252

Took this shot last night with all the lights turned off except the tree at ss 2.5 f/22. How do you like the starburst on the lights? I want to try again tonight on the other tree.
Everthing from Degitial Design Essentials.
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  1. Beautiful...I tried and tried and finally got the lights to burst but its not as pretty as yours. Course, your tree is much prettier than my little one. Makes me kind of want to drag the big one up from the basement but not enough to actually go down the stairs...LOL...maybe next year. I'll post my tree later.
    I love this background paper with your tree photo. Lovely!

  2. Didn't take you as long to decorate your little one either and I'm sure it's just as pretty as mine. All Christmas trees are pretty.



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