December 7, 2008

Day 250

I think I'm finally finished. This is a quick shot of a ornament. I'm beat.....going to put my PJ's on get myself something to eat and watch a little TV. We have an inch or so of snow and it is going to be in the teens tonight. Should be a good evening to spend in front of the fire.
Everthing from Digital Design Essentials.
I'll take and post more Christmas pictures later.
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  1. What a great looking tree! I'm glad you got yours could you come up and do mine. I just finished stuffing the last card. They will go out in the mail tomorrow. I made 50 but needed 15 more. I just cheated and used up a bunch of the Leaning Tree cards I've saved from the catalogs I get. I get about 2 a year and they always have a card in the magazine along with the matching envy. I've been saving them and decided it would be a good time to use them. I didn't get nearly as much done this weekend as I needed to. The trees will have to wait till next weekend, along with the wrapping of gifts. I didn't get the Santas' done either so will have to work on them in the evenings this week. But, I'm glad I got the cards done. I need to start working on them earlier in the year.

  2. No....LOL
    The one in the sunroom isn't finished yet. It still needs more ornamnets so the box is still setting beside the tree. I hope when someone comes in they will put a few on.



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