November 30, 2008

Day 248

Well, here they are...I really like how they turned out. The hat was a pain in the butt to figure out. I don't know how many patterns I cut before I finally got it right. LOL...I used a Santa face by Kate Hadfield from The Lily Pad. I hope this was ok for me to erase the body and just use the face. I liked the beard in this one. The background is by Jesse Edwards of Digital Designs and the rest is from the NitWit Collections.
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  1. These look perfect. Now are you going to send it all to me?? Hat patten and all. I like that face better too.

  2. Thanks, I liked how they turned out. I printed them on glossy photo paper so I wouldn't have to laminate them. They look really cute in my round basket on the table. If I have time, I think I'll make some more of them. Three for the grands up north, one each for Darby and Tracer and then three for my beautician, manicurist and cleaning lady...I think I'm just going to give each of them money, so I will slip the money in Santa's belt.

  3. Wow, these look amazing, those hats are just perfect! Wonderful work :)

  4. Thank you, Kati! I hunted forever for a Santa face that I thought would look good on the wrapper and yours was the best! Thanks for making it and the kudos. I'm sure the kids in my grandson's class are going to love them!



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