November 29, 2008

Day 249

From Halloween to Christmas it just keeps going in circles.....The Grands had these cute Coke bottles with them when they came for Thanksgiving. I had to take a shot of one, the sun was
so bright I should have had some one block it some. I was just playing around with Digital Design Essentials new Merry Little Christmas Coll. kit. Sure is a cute kit. I change the background paper from green to this off white.
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  1. Oh my! How cute are these! You could put these on a Christmas tree with some other shiny red bulbs and it would make an adorable Christmas tree...I don't think I've seen any of these around here. I love this paper! The stars and the swirls are perfect together and your choice of color is perfect. Looks like it's a picture hanging on your dining room wall. Too cute. Did you add the holiday 2008 to the bottle or is that printed on it? I like the screw hanger...LOL...reminds me of Jerri Ann's walls in Troy. She had been given some B/W pictures from the restaurant she worked at and she screwed them to her walls at home cause that is how they had been hung at the restaurant. I told her it would take her forever to repair the walls when she moved out. LOL..

  2. They would be cute on a tree.
    I saved the paper the way I changed it. Holiday 2008 is on the



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