November 25, 2008

Day 247

I forgot to post these so you could see the finished product. They were fun to make but next time, I'll try and find the takeout boxes in green so I don't have to make them. Since the holiday is over, I found the green takeout boxes but they were over a buck a piece and that was more than I like to spend. I got the cardstock for 25 cents each, so I was able to make 4 for a buck.
All the stuff is from 3Scrapateers except for the bat and that is from NitWit Collections.
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  1. These turned out so cute and I'm sure Gavin and his class mates loved them.What did you fill them with?
    Nice layout too.

  2. Thanks! I found some Halloween shaped erasers and finger puppets and then added some snack size candies. I made 19 for Gavin's class and then made 4 for my bunch here at the house. I only have 5 kids that come here. We live too far out of the main city for the kids to come that don't know us, so all we get is Darby & Tracer and then Charles' two granddaughters and Gavin. You can't see it in the picture but there are brads on the sides for his whatever they are things. All I could get around here were the small office brads and it would have been neater if I'd had the larger size ones. Again...I planned and did things at the last minute and no time to go to the city for supplies or order. I have a whole closet of craft supplies but never what I need at the time. LOL



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