November 24, 2008

Day 248

I was practicing. I should have stopped down a little or moved back some to get more of him
in focus but I was trying to get his eyes sharp. He had been sick and yes his lips are that red and sore. Neal was standing on my left and behind me to block all the sun coming in the windows.
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  1. I was surprised that his eyelashes on his right eye wasn't in focus. I know they aren't on the same plane as the eyes but not much off.

  2. You must have been shooting wide open, huh? But, you accomplished exactly what you were after, his eyes are definitely sharp. He looks like he was one sick little boy. His lips look a bit swollen. He is growing up so fast. Did you use the 100mm lens for this? I like the way you cropped him....I love closeups and this was is great, in my opinion.

  3. No I used the 50mm and metered off his face.



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