December 11, 2010

Snaps of Christmas

Just a few of my decorations.......Small hurricane with gold, silver & white ornaments is something new this year that I picked up at The Cobblestone in Waynesville, Ohio. The larger vase and mercury (fake) glass ornaments I've had but added a few more ornaments this year. The stacking snowman I made a long time ago....Maybe 15 years ago and I still love it.

Used Florabella's actions and a texture from Love that shot. The frames are mine.

Hope I can get more shots tomorrow.
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  1. Lovely images, Nita....I'd love to tour your home during the holidays. You have such a wonderful knack for decorating. Love that snowman...I have one similar but smaller. I think I've posted it before but would have to check.

    I got my cards done and they will go in the mail this morning. Need to get my butt in gear and work on something for Gavin's classmates. I'm running out of time. All my gifts are now wrapped...thank goodness for that.

    Love all your photos...especially the bokeh one. I'm not sure how to link but I'm guessing you will figure it out.

  2. You can tour any time you want. Thanks.

    Did you happen to see the pencil boxes on Shabby Princess's new kit? Maybe something for Gavin's class.
    I haven't figured it all out yet....but I will try again someday if I find one I want to join.



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