December 7, 2010

Paper Whites

Finally got some shots of the Paper Whites......I think they are so pretty wish I had planted a lot more.

A Merry Christmas Water Color
We have a little snow on the ground and it's so cold. Winter has started already.
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  1. Beautiful! I'm going to have to remember this and try it next year. And I like your water color too! I've only been home about 45 mins. It's getting pretty damn busy at work. So far, we don't have snow but they are calling for some this weekend. I was really, really hoping it would hold off until after Christmas.

  2. Thanks. I want to go to a nursery next year a buy a bunch of them.
    Sorry your work is so bad.Is this your last Christmas?

  3. No...I'll work next Christmas too...retiring on Christmas Eve 2011. Just keep your fingers crossed that Bill's health holds out so it actually really happens!

    We have a new manager and he doesn't seem to care how long we work. We usually get 2 extra routes up north to help us out but this year we only got one. We are all (3 of us) going out super heavy. I just hope we don't get much snow or we will be in real trouble...

  4. Lovely photos. Wish I could take picts like these. :o)



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