November 28, 2010

The Ceiling Tile

Just about forgot that I told you I would post this.  I picked this up a few years ago at our Chautauqua in the Park.  It's been hanging on the front porch wall ever since.  It used to be a bit brighter red but the sun has faded it down.  I still like it.  I'll post an image of my front door one of these days....I'm still thinking it is too bright of a red and I'll probably repaint it in the Spring. does show up from the road now...LOL....when it was painted the light green, it didn't show up much.

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  1. That's pretty.

    In the pictures of the house that you posted I think the door looks good.

  2. Thank you....I'm thinking the door just needs one more coat of paint. When painting with red, it takes more coats then usual. This is the same color I painted the one wall in the laundry room and it took 4 coats for that. The door only has 2 coats.

  3. The kitchen and sunroom is almost done. No trees yet but I got a bunch done today and I'm packed and just about ready to leave in the morning.
    I'm trying to sort the decoration out and get rid of some that I don't use any more. Maybe next year will be easier.
    Talk when I get back. Don't work to hard.

  4. Unique blog! I look forward to looking around it a bit!



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