November 20, 2010

Before & After

     Just so you can see how much darker it is. If you look close you will see that I didn't get the window box painted yet.  I'm going to re-cover the cushions on the rockers to either a black/gold mix or some kind of red. I'm thinking more on the lines of the black/gold.  I painted the bench black and the rockers are a deep/ dark brown.  I'm still thinking I'd like the red door to be a bit darker red but will wait till Spring to re-paint  it. I've got to paint my bicycle again and will paint it red this time.  I do believe this will be the 4th coat of paint that I've put on was white first, then green, then a darker green and now it will be red.  The hydrangea is getting so big that it covers it up and no one can really see it. Plus, by painting it red, it will give me a triangle of reds on the front of the house, thus balancing things out more. My door is red and I have the red ceiling tile on the right side of the windows.  I'm painting the window box white and still debating on taking the shutters off the house completely.  Right now, they are painted the same color as the scallops in the porch peak. I really like my white trim with the dark color of brown.  I'm going to paint my garage the same color next spring but the shutters on it will be white because the trim around the window is so narrow that I think it will look too plain. I've never painted vinyl siding before but my paint company says I can do it.  The new garage/shop is about the same color as the scallops, so will not be painting it again.  The potting shed is going to be red.  
     So much to little time.  LOL  I'm trying to convince Bill into rebuilding my potting shed.  It has a good concrete floor but the foundation is giving away.  I think we could just take the foundation out and re-build the walls on top of the floor. It will be a bit narrower than it is now but not by much.  I also want to put some windows in it and new siding on  the outside to match the rest of our place.
     You are correct....those are leaves you've picked up for the last time...what's left will be compost for the lawn.  The Cleveland Pear holds the leaves as well as the oaks till mid winter.  Those will be used for cover on my flower beds...unless the wind blows and they end up in someone else's yard.  LOL...I've picked up at least a half dozen times. I've got most of my flower beds cleared out except for the mums and the pampas grass and I leave them till Spring. 


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  1. It looks really nice and I like the darker color.
    What is the red ceiling tile and have I ever seen a picture of your potting shed? I have a potting shed too......a corner in the garage....LOL

  2. I'll have to take a shot of the ceiling tile. It's hanging on the front wall of the house under the porch. I picked it up at some craft show. It's old tile from a building that they painted red/gold. It's probably just a replica but I like it anyway.

    Yep, the very first post I shed in the snow. That's now my potting shed. It was the housing for our lawn mower and 3 wheeler but since we built the new garage, all that stuff has moved to its new home. My plans are to put in a basin that will hold a full bag of potting soil along with a counter so I can fill pots easily. Just haven't got it done yet. This will probably told into a retirement project...LOL...

    Cleaned the basement this am while I was swapping out summer/winter clothes. Then put up a few more Christmas decorations outside. Bill and I are going to finish up the lights tomorrow. We got the icicle lights on last Tues. Now, to get the ground lights up.

    Thanks, I'm liking it too.

  3. A potting shed or place to pot with a sink would be wonderful. Get it done.

    I swapped summer/winter clothes last week but the Christmas decorations will wait until after Thanksgiving. We quit putting up icicle lights a couple years ago to much work to keep them all lit. I'm starting to go with the saying
    "less is more".

  4. OK....I'll see if I can get Bill in gear to 'get it done!' LOL...

    We have now completed all the decorations. We switched to LED icicle lights and I'm not fond of them. They are too white and extremely bright. I liked the warmth of my old lights better. Oh, well. I did something new this year....I had a lot of green/red strings of lights so I put a row of green and then a row of red lights and cascaded them all the way down the privacy the look! And it was easy to do! I'm trying to come up with ways to decorate with lights and not have to climb on the roof any more. I'm getting too old to do it and I haven't let Bill do it for a few years because of his diabetes. Just never know when his blood sugar is going to plummet. I have a lot of net lights and love them! They are super easy to add to the boxwoods and even easier to remove. I also use lots of red/green spot lights.

    Normally, we do all this on the Friday/Sat. after Thanksgiving but they are calling for low 30's for temps and we do not like doing it when it is cold. So....we did it when the temps were in the 60's instead. We debated on not turning them on yet but since we use timers to turn them on and off, we had to set them all to make sure they worked properly. We then hated to unplug them and risk them not working on Thanksgiving night so we just left them on. It's only 4 nights early.



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